Our emotions are truly wonderful, I believe it is what makes us human. They give us the passage to passion, excitement, love and laughter. And on the other hand allow us to feel deep pain, bereavement, hatred and fear. What makes us super human?

Emotions play a pivotal role in triggering certain feelings which act as a guide to us, in understanding others and our surroundings and being able to recognize when we need to protect ourselves.

However to live our lives through our emotions will lead us on an emotional roller coaster bringing out only negative, dramatic responses from the outside world. Not allowing us to perceive situations and experiences correctly. An emotional non-reality.

Recognizing our emotions and following them back to their triggers within ourselves will help us understand why we blindly react the way we do to certain people or situations. Also giving us valuable spiritual insight. Allowing us to react the way we want to calmly and at peace. Giving rise to solutions based on clarity and intuitive perception. Higher consciousness.

Rather than recognizing the emotion anger, sadness, grief, loss and then dwelling in that seeing nothing but the emotion itself. This is how we make ourselves depressed, tired, anxious and highly strung.

As an analogy I will use the Martial Arts simply because I know this pathway. If faced with a violent confrontation, involving possible physical harm. We need to defend ourselves. If we allow our emotions to take over feeling fear it will have a paralyzing effect on the body it will become frozen and incapable of fluid movement. Therefore rendering oneself unable to defend themselves at all.

We need to recognize that the fear trigger is activated, then return to the calmness and clarity of ones normal emotional state. This is where the magic happens your body becomes free and supple your mind clear and your senses heightened. Allowing for superhuman reactions and a definite ability to defend one self.

Our emotions used in this way gives every aspect of our lives, clear intuition and insight giving us the calmness to respond and react to our surroundings and relationships positively and for our highest good without upsetting any internal balance.

Everybody has a calm happy place inside, trained or not. With a simple switch of thought ( in turn feelings ) we may become a Spiritual warrior able to help others and ourselves. Never allowing anyone else to determine your emotional state. That you are in control of.

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