One of the greatest things about being involved in and around a motivational and sales training business that's oriented around The NEW Think and Grow Rich is all the actualization that comes, in addition to our prime target. For instance, when I go into an enterprise, my target may be to increase productivity, to increase sales. That's what we're normally focus on.

And I'll tell you, there are so many different nuances, so many different manners of thinking that you need to get into the subconscious mind-and so it's a real jazz doing it. But one of the results of increasing sales is a better manner of life altogether, top to bottom, through every dimension. We call it actualization.

When you're actualized, feeling at the top of your game, creative, nimble, eager, enthusiastic, full of exuberance as a result of the training and acting on the training, doing the analysis, the study, the practice and getting it going-well, just that feeling alone has a value that makes everything you do better.

Because "you're coming from such a better place."

The character and quality of your actions are more open, more concerned, more loving, more thoughtful, more in tune with your bigger plans. No, nothing develops by itself. And we always say, "Find everything perfect, even while you're working to change it. But enjoy the new life that you have created!"

Because that is a joy also, a joy beyond the measure of dollars and cents.

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Ted Ciuba, a leader in both the marketing & human potential fields, helps entrepreneurs, salespersons, & small-medium-sized businesses discover & adapt their mindset to success, increasing incomes, multiplying profits, reducing stress, liberating joy. Get the inside scoop on how you can benefit from his insights and practices