Suffering from muscle-tension headache is a serious matter. Headaches can really put you out of your game at school and at work. No matter how much you want to ignore the pain and focus on what you do, you cannot. Headaches are uncomfortable and it will easily drain the life out of you. The continuous battle to go on with your day while surviving the headache is just draining. You need to do something about these headaches if you want to get your normal life back.

Muscle-tension headache are the most common types of headaches but its main cause is not known. 90% of adults experience this type of headache and the pain is described to be a band of pain surrounding the forehead. These headaches are referred to as stress headaches because people believe stress is a cause of it. Stress headaches start in a gradual manner until later, its full intensity is felt. These headaches can be mild and severe, can last hours to days. It can be episodic or chronic. Chronic headaches are throbbing headaches and there is severe pain felt but only a small percentage of adults experience this.

While there is still no known exact cause for muscle-tension headache, there are triggers that cause this type of headache. Muscle tension caused by stress and heightened emotions is the number one trigger. Researchers think that the imbalance in brain chemicals is causing it and that this imbalance is preventing the brain from stopping the pain. Other triggers include anxiety, hunger, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress (from work, family, money, social life, and health), physical exertion, and improper posture.

How can you tell if you are experience tension or stress headaches already? Symptoms will vary from one person to another but if you feel irritability, pressure on the forehead, back and side of neck, dull pain, scalp tenderness, muscle tension, loss of appetite, abnormal light and sound sensitivity and lack of focus or concentration, then you are probably suffering from tension headaches already. What should you do about it? Do not drive to the nearest drugstore and hoard for painkillers, the best treatment for headaches is chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic care focuses on the health of the central nervous system. Chiropractors use hands-on approach to correct any spinal misalignments. When the spine is aligned, there is no nerve pressure, which will reduce any muscle tension that triggers tension headaches. A misalignment in the spine causes blockage on the blood supply to the different organs in the body, which can also be causing the headache. Nerve interference also happens when there is blockage. It disrupts the communication link between the brain and the body.

Chiropractors will perform spinal manipulation or adjustment in your spine to remove any nerve interference or blockage. Chiropractic care is highly successful in treating headaches and providing patients with permanent relief. There are no drugs used here but only natural chiropractic techniques that will get rid of your painful headaches. Therefore, if you want to bid farewell to muscle-tension headache, you know where to go. For more visit CORE Chiropractic

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