Every professional can not only be a game changer, but they can open themselves to a world of possibility beyond current dreams and goals. AND that Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

Ten years—that’s how long I worked in network marketing until something came along that offered me a life beyond anything I could have imagined.

Ten years. And then I really got started.

With little money and no real product, my now-husband and I ventured into success unparalleled to anything I could have drawn up in my earlier life. And now, with thousands of success stories among my teams and networks, I am excited to help lead companies as well as continue to work on all of my ongoing personal, professional, and wealth goals.

But it took years of nervous blood, anxious sweat, and stressful tears to build a brand that’s allowed me to help small startups, teams of professionals (just like me), and those in my previous work situations, where I faced burnout coupled with a desire to be and do more with my life. I even get to sit on advisory boards where I’m able to fund NPOs that continue to make that “difference” that starts with my own team and tribe!

Before all that, however—before the “Million Dollar Club,” and before the four, then five, then six and seven figures in sales, I had done ok for myself. That success wasn’t enough, and soon I found myself in a place where I would have to regress to previous work or move onto the “BHAG” that I was fortunate to pursue at the right time (as well as pursue with my new husband).

It was network marketing that lead me to the greatest professional achievements in my life. There’s no way I was going back to the restaurant world, or even the companies I helped succeed. This is where I learned that nothing is more powerful than working towards sustainable income. Network marketing empowers workers (women at 73.5% to men at 26.5%), and those networks blossom based on the “brand” and commodity that is the entrepreneur herself. All of my years in landscaping, day care, and the hospitality business lead me to who I am now and what I have been able to do because I became the right motivator that I needed to be.

It’s not about me, however, because I am just one of millions of “mompreneurs” who have caught up to the history of businesses and networks that have been left untapped and foreign to networks that professionals just couldn’t reach.

Now I get to say nineteen years instead of ten, because after those early years of knowing what I was capable of, my husband and I took chances that we weren’t supposed to attempt and flew without nets until I saw enough success where he had to quit his job in order to save us money! He then pursued the company success with me, which then became our success. And in the last nine years I’ve been able to share these accomplishments with individuals and networks that have spurred their own success that never would have existed without the right team or training. All that was paid forward to me I then paid forward, upward, and outward to others, and have loved every wonderful and difficult moment of it since.

If I could talk to the me of ten or twenty years ago, I’d offer this: expect great things to happen, and don’t let your patience run out (because it will). Don’t let your confidence run out (because it will try to). And if those virtues run out, keep going until you’re there. “There” may not be where you thought it would, and that’s okay. “There” will be a whole new place you’ll be excited and proud to have built. I’ll see you there—in the future.

Author's Bio: 

Toni Vanshoyck is a network marketing professional who motivates and inspires nearly a quarter of a million network marketers on their way to generate one billion dollars in annual sales. Visit her website (www.tonivans.com) or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.