Allergies are not to be taken lightly, sometimes allergies could be annoying other times life threatening. Over the years there are loads of myths that have been passed around about the topic, most of them were considered the facts around that time and the truth didn't really circulate as much as you'd want it to. You’d be surprised by how much of what is fact or fiction. Here are the most popular myths.

Food intolerance and allergy is the same thing
That is so untrue, most people assume that they are the same thing but they are not. Food allergy is associated with the immune system, the immune system is triggered by certain foods, spores, pollen and bacteria’s, it can lead to minor symptoms like hives, running nose or more life-threatening symptoms like trouble breathing, swelling of the face, loss of consciousness, etc. Food intolerance is associated with the digestive system, it occurs when the digestive system is unable to break down certain components that are present in some foods, this usually leads to symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, etc.

Myths associated with infancy

Kids outgrow allergies
This particular myth is partially true. It is true that kids do outgrow some of their allergies however some still remain after infancy. Allergies to foods like wheat, soy milk, cow’s milk and eggs are eventually outgrown however allergies to peanut, shellfish and Tree nuts are lifelong and threatening.

Allergies are for kids
Most people are under the impression that only kids develop allergies, well that is incorrect. Although it is true that allergies mostly manifest themselves at infancy, some people believe that adults generally don't develop allergies. It is completely possible for an adult to develop a new allergy, probably to replace an allergy they might have outgrown as an infant.

Kids should avoid allergenic food
Over protective parents had been led to believe that preventing your kids from eating highly allergenic foods could prevent them from developing allergies in the long run. That myth is false recent research has shown that exposing a child to allergenic food could actually help the child deter allergies, they become antiquated to the substance and develop immunity.

Moving away can cure you of your allergies
This myth is partially true, moving from an environment with a certain plant or animal you are allergic to could cure you, but people who are bedecked with several allergies don’t usually get cured, even though they are cured, its mostly temporary, their body develops new allergies to replace the old ones.

Hypoallergenic animals
Although this myth was initially considered fact, it has been set straight there are no such things as hypoallergenic animals. Hypoallergenic animals are animals that instigate an allergy, it is believed that they house the trait in their fur, this myth is usually associated with pets like cats and dogs. Allergens don't exist in the fur of an animal, it exists in its saliva, dander and glands, therefore hypoallergenic animals don't exist.

Nasal allergies don’t count as real allergies
The thing about nasal allergies is that they don't really seem that bad left alone, it's possible to live with it for a while, but the long-term effects could be dangerous. It could lead to asthma and long-term lung damage, so it's advisable to see your allergist before there are complications.

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