With an infinity of colours around us, picking just a few to paint around your beautiful home seems unfair. And even when you are looking forward to putting your home on the market, the paint and its colour can become a big turn-off for potential buyers if not chosen correctly.

When it comes to painting your home, there are rules that can make or break the overall look and feel of your home. So if you are ready to learn about the things that you should or shouldn’t do before picking out a paint colour, let us help you out with it.

Read on.

1. Never pick a paint colour first

Well, no matter how tempting it must be, picking up a paint colour before you are done with decorating the whole house with furniture, upholstery, art pieces and even the pattern or texture of the cabinets, can end up being one of the biggest blunders you could make.

So remember to choose the paint colour after you have selected all the other elements of the room and can see the finished room as a whole without conflicting characters.

Selecting a paint in accordance with the rest of the components of the room can help you in creating a more harmonious look. `

2. Never trust paint swatches alone

A handful of 2-inch X 2-inch swatches cannot help you in imagining how your entire room would look like painted in that colour. Bigger sample size can be easily tested and seen against your furniture and lights to foresee how it turns up.

So save yourself the pain and confusion of selecting a shade by simply going for a bigger sample. In fact, you can get the small 8 ounce cans of paint to actually apply on a wall and see the final results in a better way.

The house painters in Auckland and North Shore use the trick of painting paper charts or posters instead of the wall directly and use that to determine how the same colour shade looks in different rooms and lightings.

3. Don’t get swayed by the “trends”

Yes, it is “in” now. Yes, it is what every celebrity is doing. But celebrities can get their interiors re-designed anytime they like and pretty soon after the trend gets over. On the other hand, you would want to get a more classic and timeless look for your own house because you will be looking at it every day.

For instance, pastel shades will give your house more life, more light and overall fresher look. Therefore, selecting the colours which are practical and easier to maintain are the only way to ensure long-lasting paint.

So, staying away from dark coloured paints or any other striking and flamboyant colour might be a good decision as they can make your home look like an unwelcoming cavernous space or simply, you might get bored of them.

4. Always use the right paint finishes

In the end, regardless of the colour, you pick for your home interior, it can be substantially enhanced simply by using the right kind of finishing top coat. Not only this but this is also important because the wrong kind of finish can lower the appeal of your newly painted walls.

There are finishes ranging from glossy to matte in the market. To find the one that best fits your home tests it on a small area of the wall before covering it whole.

Remember that gloss finishes reflect light and matte finishes do not and if you still cannot make a decision, go back to the paint store and ask one of the associates.

Lastly, all you have to remember is that any colour you pick will decide the vibe of your home-sweet-home and that is why you should take your time and even help if required. Happy painting.

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