Background Information

Bill Cosby is a rather common name, and most people are aware that he was a successful comedian, actor, musician and television producer. Some others may not be aware that Bill Cosby was also a writer. Let us go through some other details about him.

Early Years
Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia in 1937.He was also raised there for most of his childhood.
He started to do some basic jobs so as to be able to help his family while he was still rather young. In fact at the time he left school quite early and joined the navy, although in 1976 he earned a Doctor of Education degree.
Later he embarked on an athletic scholarship, and during this time he used to work as an entertainer at a cafe. At this point he felt what his career should be, because he was very good at entertainment and comedy.

Bill Cosby’s Television Productions

Bill Cosby first appeared on television in 1965. He was not only successful just for the sake of having managed to appear on a television show, but also considering that he was actually the first African-American actor to have a prominent role in a dramatic series which was broadcasted on a weekly basis. The frequency of transmissions helped to increase his popularity more quickly. The show was named ‘I Spy’. Later on Bill Cosby made an even bigger hit by embarking on the series ‘The Bill Cosby Show’, which was a sweet, funny sitcom based on a family’s life. This series aired between 1984 and 1992 and was a big success, loved by both children and adults. Bill Cosby was the father of the family and entertained with his style, tone of voice and jokes throughout the episodes. Bill Cosby later took part in other successful television series, such as ‘Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids’, ‘A Different World’, and ‘Cosby’. Bill Cosby also took part in television commercials.

Recent Years

Through recent years Bill Cosby has contributed financially to various institutions. It has to be noted that he is one of the most wealthy and successful entertainer in history.
He is an active member of the Jazz Foundation of America, considering that he is also a very good musician.
Back in 2003 Bill Cosby won the Bop Hope Humanitarian Award.

Author's Bio: 

In order to go through the main aspects of his life one can read through the Bill Cosby Biography supplied on the Cambridge Encyclopaedia site. Cosby is also renowned for his writings, as can be seen in educational sites too.