U.S. Special Forces killed Osama Bin Laden one year ago. As the 1st anniversary approaches, Americans are being warned to stay alert as terrorists may be planning violent acts of revenge. Brave American soldiers removed this ego-driven man, however, his behavior should be a wake up call for everyone. Bin Laden was part of a very dangerous worldwide movement.

In primitive societies, tribal men fight to gain control of a tribe. A new leader assumes power as followers give away their power to a stronger, smarter and wiser man. The leader can manipulate and set up secret alliances to protect his authority. With growing support and an inflated ego, he may try to gain control of other tribes to increase his dominance.

Primitive behavior begins at an early age. The schoolyard bully discovers a false sense of power when no one intervenes. The teenage boy controls his girl friend with threats (1 in 5 girls experience dating violence). The husband abuses his wife (1 in 4 women in abusive relationships). 800,000 American gang members use fear and intimidation to control neighborhoods. Gangs commit eighty percent of all urban crimes as citizens hide behind locked doors. (The first four months in 2012, Chicago had 120 murders and 490 people were victims of gun violence.)

Just like tribes, gang followers are spiritually blind and band together to support their leader’s cause, which includes human trafficking, prostitution, drugs and weapons. They become destructive, driven by power and money.

Cult leaders are primitive men in disguise, often hiding behind religion. They control whole communities and brainwash followers. Jim Jones, David Koresh and Bin Laden died along with hundreds of followers rather than accept interference from authorities.

Cults do not allow freedom of thought or human rights. They write laws to control women so men have total authority. Cult extremists pass laws and cover women from head to foot. Women disappear from community participation. Their role is to give birth and take care of men. Primitive men severely punish anyone daring to challenge them. Followers lose their freedoms, in the name of a god.

Dictators have ruled for centuries! Seventy-five years ago, Adolph Hitler tried to conquer Europe. Today, Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad kills his own people to stay in power. North Korea’s Kim Jung Il began his ruthless regime 100 years ago. Kim Jung Un continues to rule as North Koreans starve. Iran’s religious dictators threaten Israel. These power hungry men feel invincible as they intimidate free people with nuclear threats. The world has an abundance of evil men willing to kill for power and control. They lie to accomplish their goal, use fear to immobilize their enemies and would rather die than lose their power.

Primitive men can only stay in power as long as people don’t understand the power of the human spirit. When citizens stand together, speak up and refuse to give away their freedoms, the people will prevail and restore their God given rights. When Americans decide to work together for home, neighborhood and community peace, we will see a gradual decline in controlling boys and men. And, cities and countries will no longer tolerate self-serving power hungry men.

A spiritual awakening is happening! Americans are getting involved to create healthy, safe communities for families. Americans, by example, can lead the way to world peace. As the awakening unfolds, nations will follow America’s lead to discover greater freedoms, new innovations and peaceful co-existence.

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie L. Mann, Crime and Violence Prevention Consultant, Author: 4 self-help prevention books