Bio Care Hospital is located in beautiful Tijuana, Mexico, joining a growing number of facilities throughout Mexico and South America that offer an integrated approach to health and wellness. Bio Care Hospital offers options to international patients seeking a combination of traditional and alternative medical therapies, treatments and procedures in a truly multifaceted and well- rounded approach to whole body care and medicine.

Bio Care Hospital treats a variety of medical conditions including autoimmune degenerative diseases, hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and a variety of methodologies including rejuvenation and anti-aging, alternative cancer treatments, live cell therapy and integrative medical approaches offering patients the best options and prognosis for their conditions.

Treatments Offered at Bio Care Hospital
Doctors at Bio Care Hospital believe in a whole-body approach to medical care to help restore health and wellness to individuals experiencing a variety of illnesses and chronic disease conditions. Some of their most common restored it approaches utilize but are not limited to:

Diet and nutritional care
• Detoxification therapies
• Hormone balancing
• Regulating the immune system
• Non-toxic methodologies to destroy harmful pathogens
• Dental health review
• Psychological and emotional review and counseling
• Bioelectrical repolarization
• Laetrile therapy
• Lights cell therapy
Acupuncture in acupressure
• Autologous dendritic cell vaccines

Bio Care Hospital offers specialized integrative programs such as:

• Alternative cancer therapy
• Rejuvenation and anti-aging programs
• Medical hyperthermia
• Dendritic cell vaccinations
• Autoimmune and degenerative conditions therapies - including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus
• Live Cell therapy
• Rejuvenation and anti-aging programs
• Chronic fatigue syndrome treatments and methodologies

Qualifications of Staff at Bio Care Hospital
Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Bio Care Hospital is a highly respected physician with a global reputation for excellence in care, and the author of multiple papers defining and describing his integrative approach to medicine after 25 years of experience in the field.

Dr. Rodriguez completed his post-graduate training and studies in Germany, Canada and the United States, focusing his studies on implementing pioneering methodologies that combine high tech diagnostics with good, old-fashioned common sense when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.

"Integrative approaches to health and wellness are growing in demand among international patients," states Pramod Goel of PlacidWay.Com, an international medical provider based in Denver, Colorado. "Integrative medicine and alternative treatments for cancer, degenerative and autoimmune diseases and overall health and wellness offer patients a variety of options and caring, compassionate care. We're pleased to join hands with Bio Care Hospital and their compassionate and caring staff in providing such options to patients from around the world seeking more choices and options in their healthcare."

Traveling to Mexico for Medical Care
Consumers seeking high quality yet affordable medical treatment find solutions and medical service providers in Mexico help ease the burden of rising healthcare costs, wait times, and accessibility to treatments and therapies. Major medical providers in Mexico serve consumers from around the world seeking accessible and affordable, high quality, integrative approaches to medicine and health and wellness.

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