Ok, so that’s a rather dramatic title, I realize, but this is the passion I feel for anything that helps me combat my acne-prone skin. As I mentioned before, I have slight eczema as well and therefore, and very oily skin, yes I know I am that lucky... being sarcastic of course. I am not sure how much money I have spent on testing every product under that blue sky trying to solve these two problems.

Anybody who wakes up only to see a few massive spots on their chest or face in the morning, or god forbid their eczema flaring up will Understand my despair. As this blog reaches up to one million views every month we do have a lot of people emailing us sharing their tricks and tips and also work with a lot of brands.

One of the brands we were just sent a sample of was Bio Lab Exotique, let's start by saying that this is a brand that is owned by a Pepsi Co heir Asghar Akhtar Khan and a celebrity beauty Ollia Tzarina who has decided to ditch her 400 euro creams after she has spent 3 months in the Atlas Mountains in Agadir Morocco and tried farm-made local beauty oils such as prickly and argan oils.

The effects were so visible she decided to bring her newfound favorite oils in Europe where it's a well-known fact that every facial oil that is claimed to be organic is mixed with mineral oils! The packaging of Bio Lab Exotique is a high end, all-black craft paper with gold letters. The brand has only three products, YOUTH, GLOW, and ClEAR SKIN potions.

They are called potions as they are: potions! Rare cold-pressed oils with zero chemicals mixed in a high tech lab and sold in their natural, raw formulas. I chose their YOUTH potion that promises visible results within 48 h. Its full of antioxidants and collagen-boosting properties and its only ingredients are cold-pressed argan and avocado oils, mixed in a high tech lab to ensure precise percentages for the best results.

The potion can be used for hair and body as well, and it makes an AMAZING natural make up remover. Retailing for just 40 dollars, this is one product I now can't live without. And for god’s sake, it helped me with my eczema flair ups !!!! I feel like its hydrating my skin so well, eczema has no chance to come through, thanks to the anti-inflammatory qualities of Argan and Marula oils too!

However, for me, the star of the sampling show was Bio Lab Exotique’s ‘ CLEAR SKIN’, its nothing but capsules that are filled with zinc and chamomile. You mix the insides with a drop of warm water and rub it onto the pimples and leave on while you sleep.

By the time you wake up, your spots will be super small or disappear completely!!! And this is without any chemicals or skin burns. Bio Lab Exotique - I am SOLD on you!

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Bio Lab Exotique is an all-organic bio skincare that looks like a luxury line but is actually affordable at 40 USD per product.