Biomagnetic Resonance
E.F.Block IV
June 2020
In the process of practicing the Art of Meditation for more than 70 years, the author has recognized that he is able to directionally be aware of changes in the magnetic flux of the immediate environment within which he practices the meditative state. The magnetic fluxtuations accompaning phonons released accompanying contractive and expansive friction due to the heating up and cooling down of the structual walls of his dwelling are but 1 instance. (1) Another is the turning on, running and turning off of the refrigerator within his apartment, both noisy and also the result of electromagnetic phenomena. Many times while the refrigerator is running or just after it has stopped running, there will be a number of sudden changes in state from a liquid to a gas that results in the release of phonons and accompanying changes in magnetic flux. This article will explore the the possible natural ability of the human central nervous system to become resonant with changes in the magnetic flux encountered in the environment originating from various sources and thus be able to detect what may be called a Biomagnetic Resonance.
It has been determined that consciousness within the human brain is both an electromagnetic (neuro-physiological electrical activity) and magnetic (accompanying thought processes) phenomena.(2) This is the basis of empathic and subjective feelings in human relationships of all manner. This is especially true of those people called sensitives and those that are very closely mentally bonded as individuals. It is also noted that those of righthandedness (determined by the spinal cord during fetal development)(3) and dominant left brain thinking are more in tune with linear thinking processes and involved with "things" as a conscious state. Those that are left handed seem then to be more in tune with recessive right brain thinking and as such are more in tune with wholistic thinking and with interpersonal processes and interactions. These are generalizations but are in the main valid statements.(4) Much research has been conducted regarding this concept since inception in the 1960s.
The dream state of humans is subject to many interpretations. While the left brain in very involved in conscious activity, the right brain is very involved in unconscious activity, for right handed persons. It is the realization that while in the quasi-sleep/awake state, the author has recognized and realized that 2 phenomena occur regularly. One is that, for the author, the body talks to the consciousness of the author routinely about what is going on within the physical body through readily perceivable symbolism. The other is that the soul of the author is interacting with the soul of other human entities encountered in everyday living experiences and conducting mutually experiential interactions. This allows for a working interaction that playes out in the unconscious state and does not necessarily equate to any interaction in the conscious physical realm. For the author these interactions are mostly pleasant but sadly some very few are not so enjoyable.
The point being made here is that the phenomena being described is posited as entirely biomagnetic in nature and this is the basis of so-called telepathy. However, for the author, direct word to word identification is not consciously possibe but only the intent and subjective feeling of the other person is cognizant. The sharing of dream state experiences is however very likened to watching a moving picture show in nature, both in sound and sight, as the phenomenon unfolds in activity. In all cases, becoming awake means prefrontal cortex predominance and thus immediately stopping the dream-state phenomenon activity which appears to be hind-brain and temporal lobe in local residence.(5)
In the Greek pantheon of Gods, Mercury is always pictured wearing a helmet that possess wings opposite either side above the ears. (6) To the author, this is a pictoral representation of the fact that people emit, tune into and receive magnetic flux from interaction with other persons via the temporal lobe of the brain while awake and conscious (for sensitives) or while asleep and unconscious (for the rest of us), in the main with all manner of various instances according to emotional and mental state.
Biomagnetic resonance within the central nervous system is a real and natural phenomenon that may be discovered, exercised and experienced in regards to both personal and interpersonal relationships.

Author's Bio: 

Male, White, 77 years old, BA in Zoology, MA in Biology, MAOM in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, PhD in Behavioral Biology