There are many conditions which can affect your feet, ranging from the relatively trivial and easy to treat, like verrucaes, to more complex problems such as toe deformities and ingrown toe nails. A visit to a foot clinic will be all it takes to diagnose your problem and choose the best treatment, and in some cases this will require the solving of a long term condition. In cases such as this, the treatment will consist of biomechanics in London or at any other clinic throughout the UK.

If you visit a foot clinic , then on many occasions the problem you’re hoping to deal with will be fairly obvious in terms of being easy to see and simple to pinpoint. A bunion is a good example of this phenomenon – the condition is caused by the big toe growing at a deviant angle and manifests itself in the form of a large solid lump on the side of the big toe joint. It’s clear, even to a layman, where the problem is located and just how severe it is. There are some conditions of the feet, however, which are more difficult to isolate and diagnose. That’s why it’s vital to visit a chiropody clinic at the first sign of any pain in your feet. Foot pain which is left untreated won’t just go away, as many people seem to wish, it will get worse and, ultimately, will spread, causing pain in the legs and then on into the back. Pain in the feet which isn’t so obvious, which doesn’t have a clear visual component, is the kind of thing which only a highly trained chiropodist in Fulham or elsewhere will be able to spot. Conditions which cause pain of this kind are varied, and have various causes and prognosis, but amongst the most common are things such as:

Plantar Fasciitis – this is a condition which makes itself known through a severe pain in the sole of the foot. The cause of the problem is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue which ruins along the sole of the foot, and this inflammation can have a wide variety of causes. It could be brought about by having to suddenly spend a lot of time on your feet, or perhaps by exercising on a new surface. Other causes include unsuitable footwear which doesn’t offer sufficient support, or a tight Achilles tendon. Whatever the cause, the condition is very painful, particularly when sufferers get out of bed and take their first steps.

Flat Feet – flat feet refers to a condition whereby the arch of the feet has collapsed, meaning that there is no gap between the whole of the sole of the foot and the ground. Whilst, for many people, flat feet is a condition which they can just live with, as it causes them no problems, for some it can lead to aching feet and, in severe cases, aching legs and knee joints. As far as causes are concerned, flat feet often tend to run in families, although they can be brought about by conditions such as arthritis or a ruptured tendon.

Conditions such as these will often only be spotted by chiropodists, whether in London or elsewhere, and these same people will know exactly how to treat them. In most cases, the treatment will consist of the application of biomechanics. Biomechanics in London or elsewhere consist of special insets designed, manufactured and fitted for each individual patient to be worn in the shoes, with the result being that the outline of the foot and the way it strikes the ground will be altered incrementally over time, bringing about a gradual easing of the condition.

If you think you may be suffering from any of the conditions detailed above then visit a foot clinic as soon as you possibly can. If you need bio mechanics in London or elsewhere, then the sooner you have them designed and made, the sooner you’ll be wearing them, and getting your feet back to full health.

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