Biometric Access Control System and Security Guarding
Security guarding is becoming more important with every passing day because the security concerns are increasing. Vandalism, robbery, theft and other petty antisocial activities are increasing at a rapid speed. Recession has made the situation worse because many people who were laid off often got involved in such anti social activities. This is the reason why our house, office or commercial space is not completely safe and secured anymore. Access control system (like CCTV, biometric access control system, etc.) is becoming more and more important for security guarding. One of the best known access control system is Biometric Access Control System.

When biological data are measured through scientific way and then analysed in a strategic manner, the process is known as Biometrics. Every human body part has some characteristic feature and these are aspects that are considered as ‘biological data’. Fingerprints, facial pattern, iris and retina of eyes, hand measurement, DNA and others are some of the features that are unique for every person. This feature is used in the Biometric Access Control System. When such a system is installed at a particular place (say, a office, house or other commercial spaces), then the main motto is to give access to specified number of people only to the premises. Thus, characteristic features (fingerprints, facial pattern, iris and retina of eyes, hand measurement, DNA) of certain people are collected and then fed into the Biometric Access Control System. Once a visitor to the concerned place tries to go inside the premise then he or she is required to pass through that system, where he or she is required to match the biometrics with the input already given in the system. If all the metrics match, then the person is allowed in the concerned premise.

Biometric Access Control System – The Process in Brief
If any of the characteristic features doesn’t match with the already given features in the Biometric Access Control System, the system will not allow access to that particular person. The process followed in this particular access control system is given below:

1. Identification
2. Verification
3. Authentication
4. Access given or rejected
This secured process has made Biometric Access Control System as the most secured access control system.
More Information on Biometric Access Control Systems
Two types of Biometric Access Control systems are most popular:

a) Face Recognition
b) Fingerprint recognition
It has been considered by many that this system is used in the high security zones such as defence or nuclear power plant area. However, it is now used in the commercial complexes and also in some houses. Some of the most popular ones in the schools and offices are fingerprint and face recognition Biometric Access Control systems.

This biometric system is widely used in United Kingdom and is very popular in the business community. In fact, this system is so popular that it is now being used in the personal spaces too. Biometric Access Control system has become more popular among the English people after the 9/11 terrorist attack in United States of America. In fact, it has become so popular that UK has recorded the highest number of such system.

Install Biometric Access Control systems and CCTV for security guarding and make your place secure and safe.

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Derick Branson is a security guarding specialist as well as consultant. He has been associated with the industry for more than thirty years and is considered as a veteran in the security guarding industry. He has been advising commercial spaces and residential areas in installing - Biometric Access Control -System as well as CCTV. In this article he has given useful information on the same.