Biometric access control has become an essential part of the offices to make their data and other important items safe and secured. More and more companies and commercial spaces are adopting biometrics for securing their space and important data.
-Biometric Access control- is a unique system that utilises physical traits of human beings to shield unauthorised people from accessing certain data or room of a business house. Until and unless the fed physical traits match, a person will not be allowed to enter or access certain items or data.
Biometric access control scanners scan the biometrics such as face structure, fingerprint, structure of Iris, etc. and store them. Once scan of the recorded traits are done, they are recorded, transformed into codes and then stored. Once a person wants to access these articles that are safeguarded by the access control, these traits would be matched with the input information. If biometrics of a person matches with that of the input biometrics then the concerned person will be allowed to access the secret articles, data and many more.
In offices it has been observed that buddy punching has become a common phenomenon. In these types of cases, colleagues punch the access control system for their buddies or colleagues. However, Biometric access control can eliminate buddy punching because the person himself or herself needs to place his or her fingerprint, retina or iris impression. In this way, the security services become absolutely safe and secured. A business owner can check the performance of an employee by going through the records of the ins and outs of a concerned employee. It can help them to check the productivity of the employees of a company and ultimately help them in quarterly assessments.
Biometric Access Control System and Security Services – Important Issues Addressed
1. This system will leave no scope for buddy punching.
2. The computer servers of the businesses deal with the most important online files and data. They are very important for business organisations. Rival companies and moles try to siphon off information from a company. In order to keep the servers away from all employees, biometric access control systems play a very important role.
3. Rooms that preserve important business documents and files can be restricted from universal access. It can be done by installing -Biometric Access control- systems, which allows only a few people to go inside the room and access the confidential data.
4. Frauds and thefts should be avoided by the businesses that are involved in ecommerce. Office of these ecommerce businesses can use biometrics to make their office theft and fraud free.
5. If attendance and performance of the employees are recorded on a regular basis then payroll disputes can be avoided effectively.
Different Types of Advanced Biometric Access Control Systems
Biometrics can be of different type and some of them are given below:
i. Multi-Sensor
Infrared sensors as well as 2D cameras are used by this system for capturing images of individuals in several illuminations. Multi-sensor type of Biometric access control system gives advanced level of security services.
ii. Multi Biometric
This type of system needs matching of more than one biometric characteristic. Iris, retina, fingerprint, etc. are needed to be checked in this type of Biometric access control system.
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