Biometric Systems is the name of a technology which is used for the identification and recognition of any individual through their physicological and behavioral characteristics by using body descent that makes us different from the others and tells us who we are like our hands and fingers geometry, figure prints, retina, voices, face structure, etc.

Biometric technology has become an essential part of every individual life. It is just because of increasing crime rates and burglary. Many Governments and Business individuals or companies are adapting this technology to keep themselves safe and secure terrorism, theft or any other criminal activity. Today biometric systems are considered as much safer than pin numbers, swipe cards or even password.

How Biometric Works?

The development of Biometric systems is quite difficult but it is quite easy to operate these systems. These steps can be categorized into 6 uniform steps:

1. Enrollment

2. Storage

3. Comparison

4. Sensor

5. Computer

6. Software

Enrollment refers to a process of inputting your physical or behavioral traits such as your finger, hand or iris into the Biometric system. After that the system will scan it and stored it as a code or graphic for later use. Whenever you gain place your finger, hand or iris onto or in front of the scanning interface, It scans it and compare it with the data that already stored in its system. If it matches then access is granted if not access is denied all of this being done in the sensor computer and software stage within the Biometric system.

Here are some examples and latest gadgets of Biometric Technology

Dwell Time Analysis

Dwell Time analysis is a latest and modern technology that is normally used to reveal exceptional new sights about the way individuals and groups behave in and interact – and interact with – a particular environment. Here are following things for which it is normally used:

• Measure the performance of marketing displays with revolutionary insight into customer behavior as they interact with promotions

• Measure suppliers and end caps placed to promote merchandise within the retail or banking locations
• Add a visual dimension to business intelligence with location-based, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly analysis of actual customer behavior

• Integrate the Dwell Time analytic with POS data to evaluate the success of a marketing campaign

Access Control Solution

Access Control is an electronic security measure which allows or confines access to specified areas of a premises, protecting property against unwanted visitors and ensuring the safety of both the property and of the people within. An Access Control System provides control of entry (or exit) through appointed doors via a panel and some method of electric locking facility.

License Plate Recognition Systems

License plate recognition systems are highly recommended and trustable security system that is normally used by security departments, agencies and in red alert areas. Advancement in technology, high definition cameras and speed image processing has improved the reliability and accuracy or license plate recognition systems. The major benefit of this system is that the image sensor processor in the cameras of these systems must work fast enough to accommodate high speeds and low light conditions while maintaining a crisp image. This advanced technology can be used for parking permit control, vehicle inventory, parking lot security and access control, stolen vehicle recovery, expired registration enforcement, city-wide surveillance, and gas station drive-off prosecution.

Facial Recognition Systems

The facial recognition system is another latest biometric technology with is used for the recognition of any individual. In this technique the facial features which are going to be recognized are might be depth less of eye sockets, the width of the nose, distances between the eyes, shape of the face and cheekbones, jaw lines and other features. The parameters of this highly demanding technology depend on the software and particular need of the face recognition system.

Here are Biometric technologies which are widely used in our society for multiple security purposes. So, if you are running a business or looking for a security system to keep your premises safe and secure then do some search to find a reliable and the best security system for your stress free living.

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