Angela Lee is a nurse who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which inspired her to assist busy healthcare professionals and business owners to reduce risks and side effects of stress complications, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic illnesses that accumulate from compulsive eating habits. Her invention, Angela’s Detoxologist’s Secret Formula, which involves her 21-Day Smoothie Detox Program to rest the gut can properly heal by releasing built up toxins in the body. Her virtual business called “Angela The Detoxologist Program'' displays health models or posters aligned to that specific part of the body. Angela helps make the visual connection to see what you are doing to that part of your body. 

She says, "I was diagnosed with a brain tumor resting on my optic nerve for an entire year. I woke up in fear that today was going to be that day I go blind or have my vision obstructed. As a Registered Nurse in the ER for 10+ years and hearing the words: 'Incurable Disease,' I noticed symptoms of prolonged bleeding caused by fibroids, shedding of the hair, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. After going to another doctor visit & being prescribed more medication with no solution, I started exploring how to heal myself naturally without medication and now, I am on a quest to help others identify their symptoms for a quicker diagnosis and safer solution."

For example, obesity, or being overweight is the playground for metabolic syndrome disorder. For constipation —Angela displays this poster and how stool is stuck in the intestines. With cholesterol, she illuminates the flow of blood with normal or complicated blood flow from plaque buildup. Angela educates using the E-Book Workbook and further information can be found on the link below.


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Angela Lee is a Registered Nurse with over ten years experience in Emergency Room, currently in Ambulatory Care & Concierge Medspa Services specializing in Detoxification. She was diagnosed with fibroid with heavy bleeding, along with painful cramps. She was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and overactive pituitary gland. Her hair was growing in unwanted places like her face, nails were brittle, hair was shedding. She ignored all the warning symptoms because she didn't feel ill. Angela's life quickly changed as my role from nurse to patient. The pain was so severe, which led her to instant diet modification. She started researching alternative ways to heal instead of taking medication.