India, no doubt is among one of the most populated countries of the world and in such context it needs to curtail its growing population. India is regarded as the second most populated country after China, but reference to its domestic development and economic development, it has challenges to meet. The pressure of growing population not only provides an extra pressure on the earning section of the country but also provides more unemployment ratio in the country. the decade of 1960’s to 1970’s is regarded as the most forgetful decade in respect of the population of India as it is regarded as the decade where the population explosion of India took place and let down the economy which till date is yet to be recovered. In such a case, the best way to check the actions is by way of birth control. Birth control can be carried out in many ways, and some of them are listed below:

Condoms: condoms are the most important source of birth control. Condoms are lubricated form of covers which males are required to use at the time of inter course. These lubricated covers do not allow the sperms to accumulate inside the body of the females and hence, the female releases are not fertilized. No doubt, India is a poor country where most of the people find sex as their only source of entertainment, and in such circumstances, they keep on increasing the population. Introduction of female condoms has also been recently witnessed where females can also protect themselves from getting pregnant and be tension relieved. Contraception measure will also served by such actions.

Contraceptive pills : with the development of science and technology, developments of medicines have also taken place in order to support the cause of Contraception. In situations where people have sex without a condom and still want to control the unwanted situation, they can avail the birth control. pill which destroys the fertilization of the releases by both the gender. These pills are to be taken as a course which runs for days as these pills have a task to dismantle the effect completely.

Sex education : in sex education among people and specially people who reside in rural areas. Sex education should be given to the people for safe sex and as well as reducing the chances of getting the females pregnant. Interactions and seminars should be hosted in an attractive way to spread the knowledge about having safe sex among people of India. This on the other hand, would also reduce the chances of aids among people. Family Planning and sex education go hand in hand.

Education among females: since in case of intercourses, females are the worst suffers as they get pregnant, steps should be taken in order to provide them with proper knowledge and about the consequences of unsafe sex. Though India witnesses a rigid custom of distinction between genders, still some of the caste are breaking through the barrier and making to a safe future.

Interaction of elders with the younger ones in case of Unprotected. will enhance the remedy. Even if the male gender does not follow the policy of Unprotected the female gender should have the resistance against it and should support birth control.

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Various birth controlmethods including the Pill, Condoms, Depo-Provera birth control shots and other available options help prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD's.