We must ask all the major and important past life events of the client along with the birth details as well as birth details of their family members.

I mean the following event dates play important role in BTR.

Birth details of parents and siblings, Educational qualification, Type of profession, Appointment in the first job, Job Change period, Period of unemployment, Marriage, Childbirth, Abroad travel, Accident, Surgery, Major unhealthy period, the Expiry date of parents or siblings etc.

We must know whether it is love or arranged marriage also. Because in love marriage 5th house also plays a major role in DBA. We must know the purpose of travel to foreign. If a native goes to foreign for a job then 6,10 will play along with 3–9–12 but if he goes for entertainment 5th house play role where 6,10 don't play. If he goes for higher education then the 4th house will be involved.

So we can correct the birth time accurately if we know as many events as possible.

Now the question arises. How to do BTR for a student who is studying 10th or 12th?

In such a case, we couldn’t find any events. In such cases, the birth details of parents and siblings will be helpful. Even the expiry date of parents, siblings, grandparents is also important.

Any major illness period, change of school, break in education gives some clue.

Normally KP astrologers will fix only Lagna sub lord. But it would be incomplete rectification.

Because a sub lord let lapse for 3 to 9 minutes. So within those few minutes, other cuspal sub lords may change.

So BTR as per the EPS method is authentic. We have to fix each and every cuspal sub lord based on the available events.

We can find the 7th sub lord by knowing the period of marriage, 6th, 10th by knowing about the job and so on. Then it is a complete and accurate BTR.

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SriTulasi is a professional astrologer from India. She has been practicing for 30 years with satisfying client records.