Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but this year celebrities are going to bizarre lengths to get noticed.  We’re not talking Botox, breast implants and ordinary beauty treatments.  In 2018 it’s bird droppings, bee stings, placenta and precious metals that are key to looking great.  If you want to be trendy and gorgeously glamorous you can pay someone to smear weird stuff all over your face or you can stay home and play slots with no deposit codes from Fair Go Casino Bonuses … the choice is yours!

For those of you hooked on the admiring glances of the opposite sex, here are the best - and certainly the most bizarre - beauty treatments in 2018: 

Placenta Facial Treatments    

Beauty therapists are convinced the placenta can firm, lift and hydrate the skin.  The organ which develops in the uterus during pregnancy is used to nourish the baby in the womb, is rich in proteins and highly nutritious.  All mammals eat the placenta directly after birth and there are even some human mums and dads who gobble it down… raw or cooked!

In more recent times the placenta has been acknowledged for its potent antiaging qualities.  Skin therapists are either juicing whole sheep placentas and adding them to deep penetrating skin treatments or they are harvesting the protein-rich material directly from human placentas. 

If you want a smoother, firmer and more supple skin boosted by plenty of collagen, it’s time to pop in for a primp, polish and placenta-based facial treatment that’ll cost you more than what some folk earn in a week!

Bird Dropping Facials    

Those who can afford to pay top dollar are relying on the melodic little nightingale to make them look drop dead gorgeous.  This time the active ingredients are urea and an enzyme called guanine that’s found in the birds’ excrement.  It’s not any old nightingale poo that’ll do.  The bird droppings that form the base of the exfoliating serum and face mask are harvested exclusively from nightingales that breed on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

If you are battling with acne scars, sun spots or dark rings under the eyes the so-called Nightingale or Geisha skin treatment is the way to go.  For those of you who baulk at the thought of having soggy wet piles of worm-infested poo smeared onto your face; the actual experience is a lot more hygienic. 

Firstly, the nightingale droppings are free of all the squirmy stuff as they are fed a seed and berry based organic diet.  Secondly, the poop is sanitised and dehydrated under a UV light before it is crushed into a fine powder that only has the slightest whiff of the stinky stuff!

Bird dropping facials may be a novelty in the west but the geishas of Japan have been applying the rather   malodorous beauty elixir to their faces since the 17th century.  Quite how they figured out that bird poop had the ability to repair skin damage and lighten and brighten the skin is a story for another day.

Bee Sting Therapy     

Bee sting therapy is the all the rage and the super celebs are squandering a mint on a treatment protocol that’s clearly pretty painful.  It involves placing a small hive of live bees onto the body’s pressure points so that they can unleash their venom in an orderly fashion. 

Again, it’s the active ingredient found in the bees’ venom called Melittin that apparently has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Although bee sting therapy is traditionally used to treat ailments linked to inflammation in the body - such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis - it has more recently been used to treat skin lesions and facial scarring.

As with the Nightingale treatment, bee sting therapy has been around for a while.  It’s a branch of alternative medicine that’s known as Apitherapy but it took the A-listers of Hollywood to popularise it in the beauty salons and skin treatment centres.

Gold Facials

Gold is a glamorous high value asset that comes in the form of bullion, coins and jewellery.  It’s a timeless status symbol of the rich and famous and is currently the sizzling hot trend in the beauty salons of America, the UK and Europe.

24 carat gold leaf is the key ingredient in an expensive and much desired Gold Facial treatment.  According to skin therapists, gold and other precious metals like platinum and silver can firm and lift the skin and leave it refreshed, re-invigorated and with a high dollar glow!

Although gold flakes have been used in beauty treatments for quite some time, it’s a brand-new application technology called ultrasonic Nano-mist spray that is credited with causing all the fuss.

The minute size of the Nano-mist particles enables the gold-based serum to penetrate the skin barrier and lock the moisture deep into the dermal layers.  Along with a plump, hydrated and supple complexion you’ll come away with a lustrous skin that ages slowly as the gold apparently combats free radical damage too.

If you want to look your best it’s clearly time to entrust your beauty to the birds and bees.  I’d personally prefer to have thin sheets of gold leaf applied gently to my face but what works for me may not necessarily work for you.  The main thing is that as modern women it’s time to follow the latest beauty trends… whether they weird, wonderful or bizarre! 

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.