Bangaru Laxman began his career as Indian politician by being a railway minister of the state for the year 1999 to 2000. Later, he worked as president of Bhartiya Janata Party. When the Tehelka corruption scandal was exposed, Bangaru Laxman had to resign from the BJP.

Being born in Andhra Pradesh, Bangaru completed his BA and LLB in Hyderabad. Susheela Laxman Bangaru, his wife was elected from Jalore in Rajasthan becoming a BJP candidate. She was also a member of 14th Lok Sabha. He has been blessed with one son and three daughters. During the emergency of 1975, he had to go jail. In 1996, he was elected to Rajya Sabha. He became the epicenter in news after he was exposed by foraccepting bribery on a hidden camera. This led to the registration of criminal case against him. The Tehelka journalists conducted a sting operation on the defence ministry of India by posing as arm dealers. In this sting operation, Bangaru Laxman was seen as accepting bribes in order to facilitate the contracts by the government. The BJP party faced a lot of embarrassment when the act of their President came into light. The special CBI court sentenced him to a rigorous imprisonment of four years with a fine of rs 1 lakh. Bangaru Laxman accepted to compromise with the nation's security when being offered an order of supplying arms by a fake company called Westend International by Tehelka. He was ready to sacrifice the lives of thousands of Indian soldiers for his personal monetary gains. Being a heart patient, he requested the court to show some leninecy on the medical grounds. On taking into the consideration the grave impact that his act could have caused, he w as offered no leniency. Bangaru went to the extent of using his personal influence for passing the order of the fictitious company under the pretext that the product for which he was accepting the order was genuine. Laxman was charged under section 9, Prevention of Corruption Act and section 163 of Indian Penal Code that is related to the bribe. Congress left no stone unturned in criticizing BJP for the shameful act of its President.

Even after resignation from the national executive committee of the party, he still is a BJP leader. Bangaru Laxman may claim for appeal in higher court against the judgement. He has been moved to Tihar jail.

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