Black Friday 2017
Black Friday 2017 starts on Friday, November 24, 2017. So put this day in your agenda! At midnight all offers, deals, and actions are valid and available on our website. In the Canada, Black Friday offers are usually 24 hours valid or even a few days. Then the offers run in many cases until Monday, November 27th, ie Cyber ​​Monday.

What do I have on Black Friday?
Simply, during Black Friday, score your deals! BlackFriday.Discounts can be up to 80% and vary greatly per provider. In America, where the holiday season originated originally, physical shopping is especially popular. Due to its enormous popularity, American stores sometimes leads to absurd scenes. For example, people literally get fooled to score the best deals. Fortunately, in the Canada during the Black Friday, deals are largely bought online. Online shopping is not only safer, so you also have more choice because there are more participants and you reduce the risk of finding a blank shelf. Our advice is, therefore, to quickly and easily order your Black Friday deals online with participant overview at Here people buy Sinterklaas and Christmas presents with great discounts!

Shoppers are more often than not scammed when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores since they don't have a full transparency of prices. That's why, here at BlackFriday.Discount, we are pushing for a worldwide Black Friday online event where we scan the web to get all deals in one place so that the shopper can make the best shopping decision for themselves.

Cyber ​​Monday
Cyber ​​Monday is an American concept: it's an online bargain celebration that follows Black Friday. In recent years, we have seen that online stores in the Canada are increasingly participating in this online sale with extreme discounts.
Cyber ​​Monday is the online response to Black Friday. Web shops found that many Americans did Christmas Christmas online shopping on the first working day after Black Friday. This was done to escape the hustle and bustle of physical stores.

With this trend, this new sales day was launched. The Monday after Black Friday is now known as the day when online retailers seduce consumers with solid online discount actions.

The term Cyber ​​Monday only lasts about 10 years but has already grown - the reality is that Cyber Monday is an extension of Black Friday. Especially in America - one of the most important business days of the year. The sales realized by retailers this Monday are even higher than in Black Friday.

Cyber ​​Monday in the Canada
Although we do celebrate Thanksgiving in the Canada once again! We are increasingly seeing retailers stunned with Black Friday offers. And as Black Friday in the Canada is also a national day off, Cyber ​​Monday seems to be much better due to online offerings.

There are therefore more online stores participating in the sale. So you want to get a big discount yourself? Take a look at the online deals of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Cyber ​​Monday 2017
Cyber ​​Monday will be in 2017 on Monday, November 27th. The online deals in Canada go on sale at exactly 00:00, so keep up Sunday for a while to ensure yourself of the real top deals. Unlike a normal sale, as we know in the Canada, Cyber ​​Monday has a very limited shelf life.

The discount offers are valid on this one Monday of the year. Consider a possible limited edition. Many buyers will hit their strike at night on Sunday. So do not wait too long with your purchase!

Mysterious Cyber ​​Monday deals
In addition, it is customary for retailers to indicate at the last moment which deals they are going to offer. So be sure to keep an eye on BlackFriday.Disount the week before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and set your wish list so that you can beat yourself right now!

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