How to Remove Black Magic?
Black magic exists in different form so the remedies of black magic removal are also different. You can get the remedies from a powerful black magic specialist who will tell you under what kind of black magic you are in.

Use positive energy.
Using salt and herbs.
Wax paper spell.
Born uncrossing incense.
Use amulet

Is there any Side Effect of Black-Magic?
It is said that if we give something to the universe, it comes back to us. Similarly if your intention is to harm someone then there are some destructive consequences you have to face. Some of side effects of black magic are as follows.

No results if not used wisely.
Wrong impact in your own life.
You can get negative results if intention is wrong.
Increased problems in life if you chant wrong mantras.
Affect the person with the curse which was aimed for the victim.

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Sri tulasi is an eminent astrologer