Sometimes it may feel like you can’t find a bathroom quick enough. Or you can’t get a good night’s rest because of your bladder. Bladder troubles can severely impede on your life and your day-to-day activities. So with this in mind it is essential to find means of improving your bladder.
Bladder woes as we age
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that more than 50 percent of senior Americans suffer from incontinence. Due to muscle weakness in the pelvic floor, urine can leak leading to embarrassment and a fear of heading out in public.

To combat bladder leakage and overactive bladder individuals may wear diapers or pads, or worse yet not leave the house. This can have a negative impact on their mental health. Therefore combating incontinence is necessary for these sufferers to take back control of their life.
5 ways to take control of your bladder
If you’re fed up with your bladder controlling your life here are five ways by which you can finally take control of your bladder.
1. Keep your weight in check
You may not realize this but just as being overweight can lead to general illness, it can also lead to poor bladder health. More weight means more pressure added on your bladder which can leave you feeling like you always have to go.
An easy way to improve your bladder then is to keep your weight in check. Dropping a few pounds may be all it takes to relieve that constant added pressure on your bladder.


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