We went to a beautiful wedding a few weeks ago for a couple we have been friends with for quite awhile. My girlfriend had two children from a previous marriage (one boy, one girl) & had told us to feel free to bring our own children if we came.

This was a nice change for us since we have six children, and it always stresses out at least one child to not be invited to a wedding. Although I can certainly see the point of the Bride & Groom that when they invite us they don’t necessarily want to have six more children running around.

Basically though in the last few years we have only had our youngest two (8 & 6) at home on a regular basis.

Our youngest girl is definitely our ‘girlie girl’ though and was quite excited at the prospect of ‘dressing up’ & seeing all the grown-ups in nice clothes.

Our boy on the other hand, didn’t really care (he’s the 6 yr old) as long as we were swimming in a pool somewhere!

What I really enjoyed about the ceremony was the fact that they made her children a big part of it!

Both her boy, and her daughter stood up for their mom. As well, they were part of the ceremony.

There was a huge empty vase with four smaller vases surrounding it in four different colors of sand (colors in the wedding btw) black, chocolate, cream & sea green!

What they did was each new family member had a different color sand that they took turns pouring into the larger vase, symbolizing their coming together as a family. It was beautiful and once it was all completed they have a beautiful vase filled with the different colors that they can keep as a momento from their beautiful wedding.

I also thought that this was a great way to make the kids feel that they were a part of the wedding and ceremony; after all, those of us who have blended families know that you aren’t just marrying the mother/father, you are also marrying into that other person’s household!

I think that with many families blending together (we have 6 kids...2 his, 2 mine & 2 together) that is equally important that the children are made to feel part of the family immediately.

Kudos to my friends for including, well actually making her children just as much ‘stars’ as they were! It was beautiful & inspiring to be part of their special day!

After the big event & a beautiful dinner all the kids had a blast dancing the night away...well, until at least 9:30pm. Our 6 yr old son I have to admit was the cheesiest dancer, but had everyone in stitches (he has a new dance about every 2 weeks!). He was in prime form for showing off a blend of John Travolta from Grease but not moving his feet at all!

Several of the guests kept saying, "Hey Greyson, put your hand out like this, and move your feet like this!" But he just kept on doing what made him happy, ignoring those of us who would tell him otherwise! (Peer pressure won't be an issue when he is a teen-ager!)

I guess it is true, you should always Dance like no one is watching! I think it's way more fun!

Go Grease Lightning! Nah nah nah nah!

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Jody is a WAHM and has been leading other ladies in their chosen field of business for the past 15 yrs! She is a mom of six, an Accomplished ToastMaster, and has a passion for helping other women find their 'aha' moments!

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