Spurts of Growth Blessing

B: Believe your ideas can grow to be great things, that your mind can achieve great things when you let yourself grow. Blast yourself with brimming ideas that you are growing and growing.

L: Life from the growing point of view lets you become more: experienced, knowledgeable and wiser. Learning is key to staying mentally young. Live larger than life and overwhelm your mindset with the idea of great growth.

E: Enhance your life with the energizing thought, belief and strategy that growing mentally is easy-peasy.

S: Spirit rules our minds and is eternal, so get the spirit of can-do working for you. Spirit of can-do propels you with greater energy, verve, enthusiasm and motivation.

S: Still there is time to grow, so use time to your advantage and grow. Spurts of growth can happen at any age.

I: Let yourself grow and watch your mind achieve great things.

N: Never grow old in thinking, just grow.

G: Grow, grow and grow some more. Growing and growth should be our key focus. Grow by fueling your growth with great ideas and plans of action.

Just Grow
Always put your thoughts upon growth. There is always time to grow.

Foundation of Eternal Youth
You have a can-do spirit within you – bring it out and let it grow. As your mind is spirit, it is eternal and does not age if you put it in the right direction and that is the direction of growth.

Fountain of Youth
Henry Ford believed learning was the key to mental youth whatever age you are.

Mind First
Whether you have baby-soft skin or it looks like a wrinkled-up prune, that should not affect what we achieve in this life and you should continue to grow and achieve.

Little Acorns grow Great Oaks
This adage has a number of meanings, but what works for me is the thought that our ideas can grow to be great things, that our mind can achieve great things when we let ourselves grow.

Forever Growing
So just as the oak keeps growing and, there are some oaks that are more than a 1,000 years old, we too can keep growing if we keep fueling our growth with great ideas.

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I am an English specialist with I CAN READ. I have worked for major British institutions: British Council, British High Commission, British Railways Board and Linguaphone. I am a London-trained lawyer and have been the public affairs officer at the British High Commission, Singapore, as well as an editor in an international book publishing house and a national magazine. I am also co-author of two law books: English Legal System and Company Law, published by Blackstone, Oxford University Press. I am an Ambassador of Peace (Universal Peace Federation and Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace). Connect: Email susanmckenzie2003@yahoo.co.uk http://sg.linkedin.com/in/susanmckenzie https://twitter.com/#!/abetoday http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teacher-Su-McKenzie-English-Expert-Total-L...