Hi there, hopefully you have some plans to do some good work on your body and goals in life.

If you’re not progressing your regressing, remember this saying “It’s better to wear out than to rust out”.

Whenever you are out socialising or in work I know you, like me, want to feel good about the way you look.

We must all agree on one thing, one of the major reasons we attempt to be lean, fit, and healthy is so that we can feel good about the way we look. I also know that we want results fast – they call it our need for immediate gratification. We are only human!

The reason you maybe reading this post today is because you read the title and wanted to have a quick fix (immediate gratification).

Today I want to teach you that delaying gratification will lead to greater success in the long-term. Plus give you a couple of tips to satisfy your craving for immediate gratification!

The skill of patience is slowly disappearing from society because we don’t have to wait very long for the things we want these days, if you want food, clothes or anything you can go to the shop or online a buy it straight away.

We have it so good in life, we don’t realise how lucky we are, we have everything, but some people still feel like they have nothing, it’s a shame and quite saddening.

This innate human need for immediate gratification leaves some of us flawed, and possibly destined to fail. We give in to our subconscious desires and fall into the habit of always looking for the next gratifying fix, usually of food or alcohol, but for some people it can be exercise, drugs or even sex.

Will power and self control are the most important characteristics when trying to achieve a goal, and be successful in life.

It has been proven over and again, people who are able to delay gratification are more successful that those who can not.

They (the scientists) proved this is true even during an experiment with children. The children who were able to delay gratification grew up to be far more successful as adults. Have a look on youtube for the marshmallow test – its interesting and funny.

But what can you do to look better by tomorrow? Is there anything you can do to look better that immediately?

I will never be the one to promote quick fixes and fad methods when it comes to your fitness and fat loss problems, however there are a few genuine reasons that your tummy may be bigger than you would like, and there are some great steps you can take to resolve the issue quickly.

Remember - I’m not talking about fat loss here, I’m taking about the other factors that bloat your belly and make you feel frumpy in your clothes.

Here are a few reasons you may be carrying around an extra inch or two and some simple quick fixes to lose them fast (yes, even as soon as tomorrow):

1. Excess Salt (sodium) – Makes you swell and bloat like a balloon, and hold water like a sponge. It recommended that adults stay below 2,300 mg of sodium a day. If you are in the practice of eating fast food or processed food (things that come in tins and packets) then you are most likely eating too much sodium and your body is holding on to excess water.

What to do - Your body will let go of that water pretty quickly if you cut your sodium down to the recommended levels and drink plenty of water and green tea. I’ve had clients see a difference in as little as 24 hours. Excess sodium may cause excess bloating all over your body, so in addition to a flatter tummy, you may even notice slimmer looking ankles, arms, or thighs when you flush out your body.

2. Drinking lot’s of fizzy drinks – Pop (even diet), mineral waters and seltzer waters can all be very refreshing but all that bubbly may also cause your belly to bubble up….not very attractive! It doesn’t happen to everyone, but if you are in the habit of consuming carbonated drinks, and you seem to have a bloated belly that won’t go away, it may be the culprit.

So if you have a party or special occasion coming up, start ditching those carbonated drinks starting...NOW!

I really enjoyed writing this post, so I hope you enjoy reading it and benefit from the tips. Remember this information is useless unless you take massive action.

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