Colm and Rita have been married for more than two years and they always want a child. However, they did not succeed in trying to get pregnant for about one year, so both of them are going to the hospital to have a check. After the examination, the doctors told them that Rita was the main problem. Rita's fallopian tube was blocked, so the sperm and egg could not meet in the uterine cavity, so it wasn't easy to conceive normally.

The result scares the couple. The doctor explained that there are many reasons for the blocked fallopian tubes, including congenital factors and improper nursing after the day. Now the blocked fallopian tube has become the biggest killer of female infertility, and here are the reasons.

1. Multiple induced abortion

We have always admonished girls to know how to protect themselves and not to have unprotected sex if there is no plan for pregnancy. Because once pregnant and do not plan to have children, the woman will face abortion, and abortion brings harm to the girl's body. And women who have had multiple abortions are likely to form a fallopian tube blockage, resulting in infertility.

2. Often eat foods that are too cold

Women are naturally afraid of cold, especially in the womb, so women should mainly eat warm food and drinks. If women often eat cold food and drink cold beverages, it is easy to cause cold uterus. The cold womb will not only affect the menstruation of each month, but also cause dysmenorrhea, and may block the fallopian tube, which will cause infertility seriously.

3. Gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation has seriously interfered with women's normal life. And itching and many other uncomfortable symptoms will bring a series of embarrassments, so gynecological inflammation must be treated in time. Besides, gynecological inflammation is easy to recur, so women must pay attention to private nursing.

4. Frequently having sex at or just after menstruation

Menstruation is a very vulnerable period for women. At this time, women should take good care of themselves and pay attention to the care and cleaning of private areas. During this period, the vagina is also very vulnerable to bacterial infection. Remember not to have sexual intercourse.

At this time, the sexual life is easy to bring bacteria into the body, causing pelvic infection, causing various gynecological diseases, and even causing the blocked fallopian tube, which will seriously cause infertility.

For diagnosed blocked fallopian tubes, women should take treatments in time. Women can choose herbal medicine, such as Fuyan Pill for Treating blocked fallopian tube, inflammation and adhesion of fallopian tube.

It can also make the deposition in the fallopian tube absorb by itself, or discharge with blood, and restore the original cell structure and function, making the fallopian tube open and restoring the function of the fallopian tube.

The particular physiological structure of women requires women to protect their bodies in daily life. They should avoid being excessive cold and hot at ordinary times. They should drink more warm water and wash with warm water. During menstruation, they should not touch cold water as much as possible, nor have sex. Only by paying more attention in daily life can they better maintain their health and reduce the occurrence of female diseases.

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