Blocked fallopian tubes are mainly caused by inflammation or other mechanical factors. It is the leading cause of female infertility, accounting for about 30% of female infertility.

Many people have trouble with tubal obstruction. As we all know, if the fallopian tube is blocked, there is no way to transport the eggs to the uterus, and naturally, there is no way to get pregnant smoothly. Many people with difficulty in pregnancy are caused by the fallopian tube.

If the fallopian tube is not unobstructed, what kind of treatment should be used to help smooth pregnancy? Which are the three legendary treatments for tubal obstruction?

1. One of the most popular treatment methods for tubal obstruction is to dredge the fallopian tube, which is more common. However, although this therapy also treats tubal blockage, the pain brought to patients in the process is great.

And the risk in the treatment process is considerable, the recovery time is relatively long, and the operation recovery is also relatively long. The most important thing is that its cure rate is low, and its recurrence rate is high. Therefore, it has been gradually eliminated by many hospitals.

2. Tubal obstruction is complicated to get pregnant, and it can also be treated with drugs. Tubal obstruction is treated with drugs, which is mainly suitable for patients with unilateral tubal obstruction.

Generally, chronic inflammation will lead to tubal blockage, so the drug treatment method mainly aims to help the tubal become unobstructed through the treatment of inflammation. A commonly used herbal medicine is Fuyan Pill. It can work to unblock the tubes, clear up inflammations, eliminate blood stasis, and wipe out the toxins to restore the reproductive system and improve the pregnancy rate.

3. At present, surgery is the primary treatment for tubal obstruction, especially when the effect of drug treatment is poor. With the continuous development of medicine, more and more operative methods are available.

Hysteroscopy combined with laparoscopy in the treatment of fallopian tube blockage can solve the pelvic adhesion and dredge the fallopian tube under direct vision. However, patients need general anesthesia, artificial pneumoperitoneum, hospitalization for treatment, and high treatment costs.

Of course, tubal anastomosis, salpingostomy, and tubal umbrella end plasty are also the surgical methods that can be considered in treating tubal obstruction.

Also, patients can choose some auxiliary methods, such as physical therapy. Physical methods such as electromagnetic microwaves can improve the local abdominal temperature. This warm and benign stimulation can promote blood circulation and metabolism, especially for patients with inflammation. It is constructive for the absorption and elimination of inflammation, but it can not cure the fallopian tube blockage.

It should be noted that the treatment of fallopian tubes must be carried out on the premise that the man's semen is normal. That is, the couples still have the possibility of natural pregnancy, so they deal with the situation of fallopian tubes. If the man's semen quality decreases at the same time, the doctor generally does not recommend her to have another operation but recommends direct IVF.
In addition to treatment, daily care is also essential:

1. Pay attention to vulva hygiene and personal hygiene and prevent infection from sanitary ware and toilet.

2. Once women suffer from adnexal diseases, they should abide by the treatment principles, take a positive attitude, and complete treatment to control their condition as soon as possible and prevent them from becoming chronic.

3. Most women should pay attention to their nutritional health care and strengthen their nutrition during menstruation after induced abortion and after delivery. They should also enhance their physique, increase resistance and immunity, and reduce the chance of disease.

4. When artificial abortion, delivery, removal, and placement of the intrauterine device and other uterine cavity operations are required, strict disinfection shall be carried out to avoid bacteria entering the vagina and uterus and artificially causing infection.

5. When women have sex, they should pay attention to the personal hygiene of themselves and their sexual partners. Before having sex, it is necessary to clean the external genitalia of both men and women to prevent the smooth invasion of germs. When women have vaginal bleeding symptoms, they should exercise self-restraint and prohibit sexual life.

Do not avoid medical treatment after tubal obstruction because tubal obstruction will lead to pregnancy difficulties. If blocked fallopian tubes are not treated in time, the longer it is delayed, the more difficult it becomes to dredge the second time. It also brings a substantial economic and physical burden to patients.

So, in treating tubal blockage, women must consult several doctors' suggestions because different blockage suitable treatment schemes are various.

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