Blog marketing offers great potential to anyone wanting to earn a good living online. However in order to make money blogging there are certain conditions the site administrator must first meet. In almost every case the foundation for your marketing success will be based upon the blog content you create. These platforms which are essentially niche specific social sites allow you to attract readers and develop their loyalty. Done successfully you are then able to repeatedly make varying offers to people much like promoting to an email list. Visitor interest and loyalty will revolve around the blog content they view and their high level of satisfaction is what will keep them coming back!

Here are the 3 stages through which a blogging platform 'evolves' and the role content plays for anyone wanting to make money blogging!


The blogger first makes their choice as to which direction they want to take insofar as the theme or niche they are selecting. Much like a marriage, in order to make money blogging this choice should be viewed as a commitment you stick with in order to make it work! Of course your marketing success will also depend upon the profitability of the niche you selected but the consistency of your updates remains a significant factor!


Being able to retain the interest of visitors is vital to making the platform work therefore theme consistency MUST be maintained! If you develop the habit of straying away from your central theme you stand to lose any followers you are currently cultivating. This would be much like rolling a boulder uphill but stopping to takes breaks which allows the boulder to roll back down! Getting in the cycle of continually starting over is not the way to make money blogging since you will never develop any loyalty!


Posting updates that are interesting, informative or otherwise thought provoking is what gives visitors the motivation to return. Obviously there needs to exist a certain level of passion on behalf of the blogger for the material that is being posted. It is this 'zeal' that helps make the reading material as entertaining as it is for the people who view it! This is what gives your platform longevity and largely contributes to deepening the loyalty visitors feel. The site administrators own commitment to the theme of the blog content itself is what serves to make this work! Remember without the loyalty of visitors there is little chance of marketing success for the administrator.

The degree of success you experience when blog marketing will be heavily influenced by the quality and consistency of the content you post. To make money blogging you'll first need to attract visitors and then motivate then to return with the blog content you offer. Developing their loyalty in this way is critical toward the marketing success you actually experience. To get to the point where you are actually earning an income your platform must 'evolve' as discussed above, and your blog content plays a MAJOR role!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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