The frequency of your blog posting is always a personal choice of course but many feel writing content frequently is the only way to build a following! In fact it can even be argued that trying to maintain a frequent schedule for publishing blog posts can also lead to blogger burnout! Could it be that this is why so many blogging sites simply do not last?

Our discussion here will focus on developing a large and loyal following on your site without the need for publishing blog posts at a fast and furious pace! Here are 3 simple tips for doing just that!

Offer Excellent Content Quality

When writing content you always want to be mindful of whether it offers any value or interest to the people who will view it! Remember, there are countless blogging sites found on the internet that your own readers can find that contain information relative to their interests! Your intent should be to always give viewers something that's worth their time to read along with a strong motivation to return to your site! Keep your facts 'straight' and be sure there is some type of relevancy between your updates and the central theme of your platform!

Establish a Consistent Schedule

Once you have established a 'bed-rock solid' and consistent posting schedule that readers can rely upon, provided you've demonstrated good quality, these people will return! Quantity is great but quality is what people are looking for and this is something you need to keep in mind when publishing blog posts! The idea behind frequent posting is to draw attention to your platform with all the updating activity! Consider however that once you get the attention of others you must also prove to them what you offer is worth their time!

Intrigue - Offer it!

Offer intrigue by the way you present information or even pose questions to your readers is a great way to provoke their thoughts! This can also be accomplished by tackling sensitive topics, taking 'counter' stances to popular opinions, and always welcoming interaction by visitors new and old! Getting people to stop and consider the 'what ifs' or even challenging the way they may think is a great strategy to use when writing content! What you are doing is raising the 'interest' level of your platform which should also serve to create a 'buzz' that will attract more visitors to your site!

Your blog posting does not necessarily need to be as frequent as some you lead you to believe in order to develop a good following! When publishing blog posts your focus should be primarily on offering quality since if you don't the quantity simply will not matter! The fact is people favor blogging sites that give them something to think about and are consistent with what they publish! The 3 tips offered above focus more on simply writing content readers will enjoy. By doing so you will not be overly concerned with publishing blog post frequently and thereby actually compromising your quality!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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