Mixing blogging and business has become a widely accepted and very effective marketing strategy used by countless organizations! The fact is that blogs have kinda 'morphed' into what seems to be the perfect marketing platform online! The benefits of a blog in terms of increasing and maintaining exposure online through the use and circulation of content are unmatched!

Here are 3 indisputable reasons as to why blogs make such effective marketing platforms for so many businesses on the internet!

Search Engine Darlings

Let's face it the internet craves new and interesting content and this is what blogs tend to supply! This typically results in higher search engine rankings and more exposure which is why these platforms are so effective marketing businesses! People are easily able to find blogs that contain information they're interested in and of course bloggers benefit from the targeted traffic as well!

Entries Have Long Lives

Any new posts are typically seen by your readers and of course the search engines so exposure is not an issue! However your entries are also relegated to a particular category and archived for future and ongoing viewing! As long as the blogging platform stays live online so does every bit of content that has been posted! In short what you create stays accessible to the internet 'public' since it's stored on your own content management system which of course is your blogging platform! In fact the site administrator can even 'dust off' and feature any older posts as they see fit! The is one of the best benefits of a blog since 'recycling' older content takes less time or effort but yet is still quite effective!

Social Media Darling

Most of what's discussed at social sites can find its origins on blogs! Remember blogging sites first became popular as highly focused mini social sites themselves! Since blogs tend to be 'cutting edge' in terms of the content they publish it's no wonder why their subject matter is often the focus of much discussion on different social media! Obviously this type of exposure is very helpful in generating traffic and once again is why a blog makes for a good marketing platform!

Blogging and business have 'evolved' into forging a strong online partnership primarily because blogs are such effective marketing platforms! One of the main benefits of a blog is how it allows visitors to interact with one another and even the site administrator! Above and beyond that however is the fact these sites are not only user friendly but also easy to optimize which means greater exposure online! The 3 indisputable reasons why these sites make such a good marketing platform are presented above which is why you should seriously consider them for your own online use as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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