Blogging for money is not for everybody due simply to the time required for writing content to keep readers satisfied! Don't expect they'll be willing to make purchases with you until you first give them what they want! Building a blog calls for you to devote a good amount of time to just content research alone! All this is absolutely necessary since without having anything of worth to offer readers you'll have little traffic and even less income to show for it! Understanding that researching and writing content will take up a lot of your time it only makes sense to be sure what you create will keep visitors coming back.

Remember your primary objective when building a blog is to create a platform people will return to time and again! To do so here are 3 things your posting and the platform environment need to achieve for you to succeed in earning yourself a good income!


Remember you are writing content based upon a topic with which visitors to your site have an interest! The best way to capture their attention and keep their interest therefore is to offer new or different information they haven't seen before! Now it may be difficult to always have something new but you can always present current news or information in a way that makes it unique! Here's where the use of your own insight, opinions and even perspectives can add a little luster to something that was beginning to get dull!

Expands Reader Thinking

Don't be afraid to challenge or push your viewers with questions or statements that go counter to their pattern of thinking! By doing so and provoking thought in this way you'll create more intrigue and people will enjoy the chance to stretch their own thinking! Creating an element of intrigue is very effective when building a blog since this typically compels visitors to return for more!

Allow Pollinating

Opening up your site to comments ONLY adds to the depth of what it has to offer to readers! Being able to exchange ideas and feed off of those of others as well fuels enthusiasm, more interaction and the addition of an even greater depth of knowledge! Remember blogs were originally intended to be highly focused social sites so by not allowing comments you'll only be doing yourself and visitors a disservice!

Don't expect when blogging for money that results will come quickly since just to establish the site you'll need to do a lot of content research alone! Building a blog is a long process where you'll find yourself writing content most of the time to simply attract people to your site. If you want them returning however, and you do, your posting and the environment you create need to offer the 3 things discussed here today! Blogging itself is definitely a two-way street in terms of if you want traffic you must first offer value. Now if you want these visitors to continue returning you must be willing to continue devoting the time and effort needed for writing content which will entice their return!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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