When blogging for money the most advisable first step one can take is to NOT adopt the mindset of the typical internet marketer! The best way to earn an income with this strategy is to focus on your blog posting to be sure it has something to offer your readers! In so many words 'pitch the pitch-fest' mentality and concentrate on building trust and credibility with those who visit your site!

Having said that here is a subtle 3 step approach you can and should adopt that makes your blog posting the center-point of your marketing efforts!

Peak Readers Interest

In order to attract visitors to your platform you'll need to write about something that is on the mind of others! Now your blog posting can be used to teach people, update them or even to entertain but your content must peak the interest of readers in some way! The point here is visitors must be intrigued enough to keep returning or else you'll never even get out of the 'starting gates' as a blogger!

Be Helpful

Be generous and helpful without regard to what you may or even expect to get back! The impression you make and the message you send will find its way around enticing even more people to check out your site! At this point it is vitally important to keep your focus on being helpful to your readers which will in turn make it easier for you insofar as building trust with them! In fact building trust in this way is exactly what makes this particular marketing strategy work so effectively!

Make Offers

Now that you've captured the attention and most importantly the respect of others any product 'offers' you do make will be better received! What you want to establish is loyalty with your core readership and this is evident when they continue to return! Now you can begin using your blog posting to set readers up for any offers you intend to make but always be mindful to do so in a subtle fashion! Avoid the temptation to use more the aggressive tactics since your success will be reliant upon reader loyalty!

When blogging for money always remember you must first give, and repeatedly, before you can expect to receive anything in return! If people find your blog posting useful you're on the right track and if not you're spinning your wheels! It is critically important to avoid the mindset of the typical internet marketer and adopt the 'attitude of servitude' since building trust as a blogger is your main priority! The 3 steps offered above suggest a more subtle and less 'in your face' approach to build loyalty with visitors! Once loyalty and trust are established you'll find the more aggressive sales tactics will NOT be required but rather a simple and subtle suggestion will be all that's needed!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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