Can you build money making business without blogging? Absolutely however building a blog will help you create a profitable business with deeper roots! Let's look at 3 significant ways how building a blog will help you become more successful marketing online!


Relationship building is so important when working in the intensely competitive environment of the internet. By building a blog you now create a chance to interact with visitors to your site while also allowing them to contribute their comments, suggestions and even criticisms. This helps to in turn create a community like atmosphere which tends to attract people back since the environment is not only more stimulating but cozy as well! In this way you can develop a following which gives you a much better chance of being successful marketing various goods and services to them due to their familiarity with you! What's more is that this loyalty you've developed with your following is 'transferable' to other products and services you may choose to promote!


People are initially drawn to your platform based upon the topic you write about since it's also of interest to them. Well the more information you post pertaining to the subject the more intrigued and hopefully informed visitors become! In this sense you are 'educating' your readers and as long as what you offer in terms of content is useful and accurate you stand to increase your own credibility! This is a critical component in terms of developing a profitable business since without credibility people won't spend their money with you!


The more you post the more research you'll need to do for additional material unless of course you have an infinite amount of knowledge on the topic! This self education is valuable to you in many ways but the two most significant are that you gain a broader and deeper understanding of the topic and your readers respect and loyalty grows! Research is a natural part of the process when building a blog and it will serve you well as you develop your skills which increases your ability to be successful marketing related products!

Developing a money making business on the internet can take time due to the 'trust' factor that is needed to be successful marketing! This is why building a blog can enhance your efforts to develop a profitable business that is more deeply rooted! The discussion above cites 3 significant ways blogging helps a marketer develop the necessary foundation of trust and credibility to firmly establish a profitable business online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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