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Food items
Blood thickening –
Kale – optimal for eye, blood and bone health, the king of chlorophyll which is rich in magnesium will help to rebuild blood. Provides the most Vitamin K of all foods, slows down bleeding. Avoid kale chips!!
Spinach – Blood builder and purifier; can repair intestinal lining; remedy for constipation and digestive problems; beneficial for the liver; best eater raw and aides in proper digestion.
Swiss Chard – for Diabetes, bone building and higher metabolism. High in magnesium and carotenoids; can help with reducing blood glucose levels; due to having higher amounts of calcium and minerals chard plays a role in the bonde building/fracture repair protocols.

Garlic – Cardiovascular protection; sulfur builds and helps to detoxify the liver; destroys viruses; improves blood circulation; lowers blood pressure; its nitric acid helps to expand and relax blood vessels; raw garlic is effective against H-Pylori and MRSA bacteria!! Fresh garlic is the most powerful blood thinner of all.
Onion – Cardiovascular conditioner; the red onion has 2 times more phytochemicals – Quercetin; onions raise HDL the good cholesterol and kills bacteria in the stomach like H-Pylori (stomach cancer); raw fresh onions boost immunity better than cooked.
Reishi Mushrooms - Hospitals use the active molecules to relieve chest pains and normalize irregular heart beat (Adenosine & Adenocard); improves the flow of blood to heart; lowers blood pressure; inhibits tumor growth; benefits the life-energy of the heart, repairing the chest area and benefitting those with a knotted and tight chest by Li Shi Chen.
Rosemary – lowers blood pressure; enhances poor blood circulation; boosts immunity; is one of the 7 primary herbs; helps fight depression; great aide in building muscle while reducing fat!
Walnuts – Ellagitannin Pineal Supernut; tonic for maximum brain and immune health; contains melatonin the same hormone in the pineal gland of the brain!; melatonin acts as an antioxidant; Arginine amino is a protein in all nuts but high in walnuts = master artery dilator and circulation regulator; lowers cholesterol; cancer prevention & therapy.
Blood circulation and THE TOP NITRIC OXIDE FOODS
1. Celery – Luteolin eat 6 stalks per day, naturally lowers blood pressure.
2. Beets – full of Nitrate boosts endurance
3. Pumpkin seeds – highest arginine, boosts circulation.
Eat lots of garlic, salmon (wild caught never farm raised) trout and sardines.
Eat 1-2 cloves of garlic per day.
Eat a few cooked tinned oysters each week.
Exercise, walking, laughing and playing games help to move blood. Stagnant blood flow increases blood pressure. Must move to circulate blood in the body!

GREEN TEA - drink 3 cups per day. This is the tradition in Japan who has the lowest heart disease worldwide. Green tea is better than coffee.
Goji berries – richest source of any carotenoids, neutralize lipid peroxidation, the source of artery clogging cholesterol crystals.
Be sure to eat lots of RED Goji Berries, RED Bell Pepper and RED Tomatoes.

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