Did you know people with different bloody types should eat different food?. Yes its true Dr D’Adamo was the first to suggest about this blood type diet. He

devoted his whole life researching about this blood type diets and their advantages. Discussing about all the blood types and their corresponding diets are

beyond the scope of this article so let us see about Blood type A and corresponding diets.

Blood type A is of two types A+ve and A-ve in which A+Ve is the one which most people have. There are many factors which people with A have. Type A faced

many challenges when it gave an entry to the 21st century, more complex than faced by the ancestors. Technology has evolved and is influencing human life and

lifestyle. People with A type diet are supposed to have a high thinking capacity when compared to others.

Nowadays no one cares about their food habits. We all are busy with our life that we don’t have time to think about is the food we are eating. We think about

diets only when we get over weight or we get some diseases. If we consume diet based on our blood type then we don’t have to care much about health.

The best way to stay healthy is to avoid junk food. We humans are naturally vegetarians and try to chose vegetarian food to keep healthy. The typical food

pattern of A type diet is to take in pure, fresh and natural food. You might be a non vegetarian and hence it will be difficult to swap chicken and mutton

with soybeans and potato but have to do it. Normally its seen that people with blood type A will be having low levels of hydrochloric acid and alkaline

phosphates. They will be having comparatively high levels of intestinal disaccharide. Intestinal disaccharide is the digestive enzyme, this helps in the

easy digestion of carbohydrates not animal protein. This is one of the main reasons why blood type A should eat vegetarian food.

If you can’t leave your non vegetarian diets and become a veggie then you should eliminate toxic food for their diet. The other typical aspect of Type A

people is that they are having sensitive immune system. So we have to take in a good diet in order to assure that our immune system is strong enough to

fight antibodies.

There are many things that people with blood type A should take care of. Let us see some of the things which people with A type blood has to remember
• If you are a drinker control the levels of alcohol and if possible leave it
• The amount of intake of sugar and caffeine should be reduced.
• Don’t even think of skipping meals. Eat proper food in the proper time, especially breakfast.

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