Blue is a bold color that can be an interesting addition to the kitchen. Would you risk having bold color in your kitchen? Installing blue kitchen cabinets is a big decision that you have to think about before implementing it.

The best way to think about it is to review its pros and cons. This will give you a good bearing of whether blue is a color that you can maintain in your kitchen.

The pros of blue kitchen cabinets

Make a statement

The boldness of blue kitchen cabinets is enough to make an outstanding statement in your kitchen. Anyone getting to the kitchen receives the message of a bold homeowner who is not afraid of making bold moves.

Blue cabinetry is an elegant addition to the kitchen. They work so perfectly if the kitchen is large to show their elegance.

No constant cleaning

Choosing the color blue also gives you a guarantee of less maintenance. You don’t have to clean your cabinets regularly because dirt doesn’t show easily. Blue is excellent at hiding dirt from the eye. However, you need to schedule cleaning to avoid the dirt turning into permanent stains.


The color blue is an attractive color in the kitchen. You can use it to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. But you must complement it with the right colors to realize its aesthetic value.

On top of all these benefits, blue kitchen cabinets will always be a great return on investment. The boldness and attractiveness of blue cabinetry increase the value of a home.

The cons of blue kitchen cabinets

Makes the kitchen look smaller

• Blue is a bold color that makes the kitchen look smaller than it is. As a bold color, blue makes the kitchen appear squeezed. It means that this option can’t work well if you have a relatively small kitchen. Therefore, you will need a big kitchen for you to explore blue kitchen cabinets .

Hides dirt

Blue hides dirt from the eye. This has also been mentioned as an advantage because it reduces cleaning time. However, it also serves as a drawback because you will not be able to see dirt in your cabinets. You might assume that the cabinets are clean just for the stubborn stain to stick permanently on them.

Therefore, you should schedule regular cleaning to reduce the chances of stains sticking on your cabinets.

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