Increasing fuel prices at regular intervals across the world in the recent years has resulted in the emergence of tension on the faces of the car owners. Because, due to regular wear and tear there is a decline in fuel efficiency, and the vehicle owners are not able to enjoy an affordable drive of their vehicle. As not only they have to combat with the increasing fuel prices and also the maintenance of their vehicle, which directly impacts his monthly expenses. Going through this problem, all of them adopt various methods that could help them in enjoying relaxation from the tension of increasing fuel prices.

One of the common methods to enhance the fuel delivery of the vehicle is replacing its existing air-intake system with the new system. Because, due to regular drive, the dust particles stop the holes of the air-intake system, thus restricting the smooth flow of fresh air to the engine, which adversely impacts the fuel efficiency of the particular vehicle. But, as the results derived do not exist for a long period, they motorists again starts facing the same problem.

Interstingly, with introduction of computer software for determining the functioning of the different components that are responsible for emergence of problems like decline in the fuel efficiency and power generation efficiency, the practice of car tuning has emerged the boon for the car owners to cater the different problems related with their car. An interesting fact about the car tuning is that it is not stagnated only to tuning the engine and other components of your vehicle, but, also facilitate you to customize the components that are helpful in enhancing the aesthetics of your car.

In simple words car tuning may be defined as the process of rewriting the program written in the engine control unit of the car, that controls the functioning of the engine and various other components like exhaust sytem, air-intake system, ignition system, etc, through the sensors. The process is helpful in enhancing the declining performance of the vehicle, especially the vehicles that are six to seven years older or more. The process of car tuning, actually helps in extracting out the hidden performance of the vehicle, that has been restricted by the original car manufacturer.

It would be surprising to know, that the car which is endorsed to deliver the particular horse power in real terms is capable of boosting the more power and fuel efficiency as endorsed by its manufacturer. The reason due to which they restrict the vehicle from delivering its actual performance is due to standard driving conditions prevailing in the different corners of the world. Once there is a decline in the performance of the car, the expert technicians take out that performance, which by that time equalizes the standards of the performance, that are announced at the time of launching the particular vehicle. This, helps the struggling motorists to enjoy the improved performance by simple modifications.

Interestingly, with the increasing trend of this practice various new methods of car tuning are being invented across the world. One such method of car tuning is Blue Optimize, which mainly is related with the use of Blue Optimize software that is helpful in rewriting the program installed in the engine control unit of the vehicle. The worth mentioning benefit of blue optimize is that it not only helps in enhancing the performance of the vehicle both from the power generation efficiency and fuel efficiency point of view, but also improves the level of emissions developed by it.

The major benefits enjoyed by the vehicle owners by getting the blue optimize tuning conducted on their vehicle are referred below:

1. 20% increase on fuel saving.
2. 20% decline in the level of emissions.
3. Zero impact on warranty and residual value of your vehicle.
4. No mechanical change.
5. Optimization of the vehicle in the span of an hour.
6. The vehicle can be tuned to its original settings in case if you wish to sell the vehicle.

In simple words it can be said that vehicle optimization is an approved way of enhancing the declining efficiency of the vehicle without any mechanical modifications and any change in its warranty and residual value.

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Thus, in short it can be said that if you also believe in the prevailing myths of improving the fuel saving and driving vehicle according to them, then it would be better to think beyond that and seek the advice an expert and go for little modifications.