Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth earbuds both are music listening device. Bluetooth is a medium to connect both headphone and earbud to the mobile phones.

People use these devices according to their whims. Somebody loves to listen to the headphones whereas somebody loves to use earbuds.

It is exceptionally easy to use. You just need to turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phones. Press the Bluetooth button on Headphones or earbuds for few seconds. After few seconds, it gets connected.

Isn't that easy to connect?

Before comparing earbuds and headphones, let us discover the bright part of these devices.

Advantages of Using Headphone and Earbud.

1. Break Free:

You can get lost in the translation while listening to the music using headphone and earbud. You have to listen to the nobody. Just you and your song. You need to close your eyes and sing the song and relax your body. As follows, earbuds or headphones makes you break free from the world.

2. Relief your Tension:

Do you listen to the song using headphone, while you are in tension mood? Well, I do and most of the sports players do. You might have seen the players listening to their headphones while they were off the pitch or ground.

It helps to relieve the burden.

3. Motivation.

Believe me or not, listen to music for few minutes, could energize your motivation. Just try it. You will firmly believe me then.

When you are depressed, tune your favorite music, put the earpiece in your ear. Just listen to it. It will definitely help you.

These are the advantages of using earbuds and headphones.

Now, We will compare headphones and earbuds according to their size, price, music quality and it's reliability.

Let's first compare its size.

Everybody knows that headphones are bit larger than earbuds. It's always difficult to carry headphone in comparison to more flexible and small earbuds.

You can put an earbud in your pocket or put it anywhere. Because it is portable. But, you can't always hang the headphone in your neck. You need to place it in your bag or somewhere. Thus, due to size, earbuds are easier to carry.

Talking about price, always the larger stuff costs higher. It doesn't mean that good quality earbuds costs lower.

But while comparing, Bluetooth headphone cost higher than most of the Bluetooth earbuds. Therefore, if you are looking for money, you can go for earbuds.

Higher the price of a product better will be the sound quality. We can't simply judge, which device will produce better sound. But most of the time, headphone produce awesome sound in comparison to the earbuds.

Ultimately, talking about its reliability, headphones are much reliable to use.

Headphones are made up of soft ear pads. Thus, it doesn't harm your ear. But using earbuds for a longer period of time, it will surely cause a problem to the ear.

Thus, you can't use earbuds for the longer period of time.

One more thing, you can also watch TV using Bluetooth headphone but you have to use best bluetooth transmitters.


Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth Earbuds both are best to use. You need to choose it accordingly. You need to use Bluetooth Headphone if you are going to travel a long distance. For short distance or while riding a motorbike, you can use earbuds.

Relieve yourself from noise, burden, and pain. Enjoy your free separate world.

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