BMC Software is the big name serving Global 2000 companies around the globe with approximately 81% of the Fortune 500 companies relying on its unified platform helping their clients in cost cutting, reduce risk and high ROI. The company has now come up with an app that helps the IT organizations to be aware of the recent changes and developments in the IT service management department such as the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), cloud computing, managing mainframes even when you are on the move.
This application serves as an interactive news delivery platform that promptly presents you the details from the BMC Software’s complete media content. With this, one has to spend no time in searching the kind of IT news he/ she wants to read or listen. BMC Software app gathers news resources in the form of conventional news articles, blogs to even audio and video podcasts. The user can extract IT related information for reference at any point of time or place. One can read, see or listen to the data that this app caches for you. The app also is successful in bringing the user a high precision data searched for a quick look and knowledge.
The app besides being an effective news provisioning platform, the utility stretches to delivering a value to the users by keeping them connected with the most recent technology information around the world. Besides accumulating technology data, this app saves time in mining out the information from the sea of resources and also enables sharing the data with friends, colleagues or family. Another issue that is tackled cleverly is the cached files or pages that are made available to the user in case of unavailability of the network coverage. This feature of benefitting from the app even with no network connection is significant as the data delivery is done efficiently with no constraints.
Any person with this app enabled on his/her iphone can be benefited with a unified technology News platform and get all the IT related updates at a single stop be it’s a blog, article or discussions.
The solution to the IT updates from the BMC Software Inc app enables the clients or users to access recent community contents (be it media and web) published on the server.

The app welcomes you with ‘What’s New’ page. You can have your customized relevant data set by you to be viewed. No matter the kind of the data a user is looking for, this app is a one stop access to blogs, discussions, white papers, videos and more importantly the combination of all these in ‘What’s New’.

The other featured aspects of this app are listed below:

1. Preferences

2. Offline availability of the media content and

3. Web content made available while on offline.

Preferences: Allows selecting category and the number of articles appearing on ‘What’s New’ list by adjusting the number bar in the preference page.

Offline availability of media content: Application allows saving the media content on the iPhone for offline usage. This includes the very large video files of around 300~400 MB.

Offline availability of web content: Application allows saving the web pages on the iPhone for offline usage. Offline copy looks exactly the same as that of live copy which includes the images fonts and applied style-sheet.

Social Networking: Application allows sharing the content using Facebook, twitter and email.

No Spam Feedback: Instead of exposing the feedback email ids (prone to spam), application uses an intuitive way for users to send feedback about application.

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