Most of you scratch your head thinking about BMI, what do the letters 'BMI' stand for and what does it means in actual. Well, BMI stands for 'Body Mass Index'. According to medical science the weight of your body should be according to your height or we can say that it should be in proportion to your height. So, BMI is the standard calculation for measuring your weight in proportion to your height. BMI calculator is a medium or a tool through which you can easily measure your BMI.

We find a lot of people who are tall but slim and some are short but has lot of mass on their body. BMI is calculated to check whether you are under or over weight. So it gives you the exact proportion of your weight according to your height.

Obesity is a major problem that we are facing now days as people are so busy in their life that they don’t get time to keep their body in perfect shape. However, most of you feel like putting extra fat out of your body. Before you think about throwing mass out of your body or putting up mass you should be aware of the exact calculation that you need to work on. BMI helps you to know about the exact proportion of weight you need to take out or put up.

The exact way of finding your BMI is that first you have to take your weight in kilograms and divide it by your height in meters, squared and that will be your Body Mass Index. Majority of people find it difficult to calculate their BMI Calculating as it is a deep procedure and it can be perfectly calculated by a doctor.
To sort out the problem for calculation of BMI we have BMI calculator online which helps you to calculate you BMI with the help of your height and weight. It is a very simple tool with the help of which you can calculate your BMI, all you need to insert is your weight and height and it will give you the exact result of your BMI.

The result of BMI calculator could be the following:

If the calculator results shows BMI under 18.5 that means you are underweight

If the calculator result shows BMI result between 18.5- 24.9 that mean you are in healthy weight and you do not have to do something extra.

If the calculators result shows BMI result between 25 - 29.9 that means you are overweight.

And if the result in BMI calculator is 30 or over that mean you obese and you will certainly need to look after your health as obese can lead to some serious illness.

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