Dental disorders such as bad breath, bleeding gums, and dental cavities can affect your appearance and confidence. Comprehensive oral healthcare is much needed to provide effective dental treatments. Periodontists specialize in dental implants placement, diagnosis, prevention, and periodontal disease treatment. At Scott Young, DDS, the board-certified team of dental hygienists and periodontists offers compassionate and comprehensive quality dental healthcare services. If you would like to see the benefits of quality dental healthcare, schedule an appointment with the Periodontists in The Woodlands, TX, through mobile or booking online.

What Are The Functions of Periodontists?

A periodontist will specialize in treatments for oral conditions such as periodontal disease and dental surgical procedures. The periodontist is also involved in oral inflammation diagnosis and dental implants placement for dentures and crowns. Also, they will address dental problems such as severe gum disease and complex previous medical history.

Who is A Right Candidate for a Periodontist?

If you maintain good oral healthcare, such as regular cleaning, oral examinations, and effective dental hygiene, you might not need a periodontist. A right candidate for periodontist services is one who needs dental implants or suffers from gum disease. The team of qualified and experienced providers will recommend you seek consultation with their periodontist, Dr. Akers.

What Services Can Periodontists Perform?

Board-certified periodontist, Dr. Akers, specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatments for gum disease treatment. Dr. Akers has vast experience in dental healthcare services to provide safe and effective treatments. Some of these services include dental implants, regenerative procedures, dental crown lengthening, gum graft surgery, plastic surgery treatments, pocket reduction in the gums, and laser technology procedures for tartar removal beneath your gum line. Dr. Akers incorporates advancements in medical technology and procedures to ensure the treatments are comfortable, with fewer side effects in comparison to other oral healthcare services.

All about Gum Disease Treatment

Early infections of gingivitis or gum inflammation can be treated through dental cleaning. The provider can also use antibiotics to eliminate further infection. If not treated, these gingivitis conditions may result in periodontitis. Periodontist conditions cause inflammation beneath the gums and around your tooth, thus giving toxins and bacteria a chance to reach the bone. 

If the periodontal condition is not advanced, it can be treated with non-surgical procedures such as root planing and scaling to remove the tartar and plaque on the tooth surface and root. However, more advanced periodontitis conditions cause severe inflammation and bone damage, thus might necessitate surgery. During this procedure, the providers at Scott Young, DDS will use light sedation to ensure the treatment is less painful.

When the specialists determine that you require dentures or dental implants, the team of specialists will refer you to their periodontists. The providers are free to any comments, concerns, or queries that you may have about their practice. Visit their website to check out reviews about their services.

In conclusion, Scott Young, DDS provides comprehensive dental healthcare services. To schedule for consultation with the periodontist, call or request for an appointment using the online booking tool. 

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