We all face board exams two times in our school lives. Both the times, our parents turn paranoid and pressurize us to study hard for better results. Why do you think these exams are given extra importance by every parent? It is mainly because these board exams of class 10 and class 12 are the peak points in our lives. They become the foundation stones for our future and our careers. Based on the result of 10 standard board exams, we can choose our streams in 11th standard. Similarly, based on the result of 12th standard board exams, we can get into the top notch colleges of India, which can further enhance the possibilities of a promising future for us. These exams conducted by CBSE are challenging and and introduce the student to a different level of education, other than the ones they usually face during their house exams.

The board examinations in India can be referred to as the pivotal examinations in determining the future of a student. These are conducted at the end of the 9th to 10th grade education (SSC), or at the end of the 11th to 12th grade education (HSC). The marks obtained in these exams are considered to be very important and a good score often acts as the gateway to a brighter future. These exams are conducted on a national level by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The board has been instrumental in successfully conducting these exams over the decades. This reflects in the notably improved trends of CBSE results over the years.

The first board under the CBSE was set up in 1921, The UP Board of High School and Intermediate Education. Since then, it has been evolving and improving under a well maintained, well built organizational structure. A self financing body, CBSE has 8979 schools under its jurisdiction as on 31-03-2007 including 141 schools in 21 countries. In order to execute its functions effectively Regional Offices have been set up by the Board in different parts of the country to be more responsive to the affiliated schools.

To clear the board exams conducted by CBSE is not such a challenging task, provided you are thorough with your textbooks and have practiced well, especially in subjects like mathematics. Also, it should be kept in mind that one should resort only to textbooks and no additional material as CBSE strictly adheres to the textbook questions.

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