If you’ve been around attractive women for a while (and try to attract them), you know that your body language plays a huge part in the outcome. No matter how good you prepare yourself, your body language will reveal your real emotional state to them. And some of them aren’t very attractive: insecurity, anxiousness, lack of self confidence, etc. Here are several tips in how to manage your body language to attract women:

How you move

Prove to them that you have a perfect control over everything within your life. You don’t have any reason to rush in doing something. You move on your own pace and completely okay with it. Also, doing everything slowly will keep you from making stupid blunders like dropping your beverage or stumbling over something on the floor.

The way you place your body

Spread your legs and arms. Suggest to them that you’re not afraid to take up space. Folding your arms and slumping over are signs of low self-esteem. Do not let them see this in you.

The way you talk

Once again, pace yourself works best here. You need to talk calmly with clear voice. Ensure that she grasps what you mean. Do not speak too fast or mumbling before her as those are symptoms of low self-esteem. Whenever you show signs of insecurity around her, you’ve blown up your chances. Insecurity shows that you think you’re below her and women don’t find men with lower social status appealing.

Your facial expression

If you approach a gorgeous young woman with broaden eyes, clenched jaw, and sweat around your forehead, what would she thinks? I think it is going to be “Who is this weird guy?”. Keep your facial muscle relaxed. Check this on a mirror if you must.

Your shoulder

When we’re restless or worried, often we'll elevate our shoulders. It’s unintentionally and we don’t even notice it. You need to learn to eliminate all signs and symptoms of nervousness on your body and shoulders are among the most noticeable symptoms. Make an effort to be conscious about it and keep them relaxed.

You might think that these whole things about body language are about faking your self-confidence around women. It may seem that people are studying these signs of self-confidence to the smallest details in order to put on a charade: acting all confident around women while they in reality don’t.

In fact, it is not. As your thoughts can influence your action, your action can also influence how you feel. How could you feel confident if you walk with your eyes down while pulling your feet? You can’t. On the contrary, if you walk with a spring in your step, you’ll feel more positive.

To put it simply, you need to convey your alpha male status with both mindset and body language. Both of them affect one another, so it doesn’t matter whether you start with your mindset or your body. Starting with being conscious about your body language to attract women is already a good start and in turn, it will affect your mindset too.

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