Women are truly fascinating creatures for most men. They are difficult to read and can be quite a challenge to fathom. And it becomes even more difficult for a man if he meets a woman he really likes. When something like this happens, you don’t want to miss or misread any cues that show some signs if a woman likes you or not. If you want to learn about certain body language that shows some signs a woman likes you, then sit down and take notes. Here are some signs that reveal she likes you.

* She can’t stop looking at you. Most women are not usually visual creatures, but when she makes you a focus of your attention and is rarely distracted, then it’s a good body language cue that she thinks your hot. So when she is glued on your face, follows your gestures, and focuses on some of your body parts, it a positive body language signs that she’s into you. Also take notice of her eyes, when a woman likes you, her internal system gives her away, because her eyes become dilated. This is an involuntary thing. This is her body’s way of telling you that her eyes are set on you.

* She smiles a lot. When you’re around, you notice that she grins a lot. It seems as if her whole face beams. Her body language says that she is relaxed and excited every time you are around. When you notice these kind of body language signs, stick around and spend more time being in her presence.

* She becomes self- conscious. This includes preening, like combing her hair to make sure that it’s in place, re- touching her make up to be sure it’s not messed- up, and smoothing out her clothes. The extra effort to look good is a sure body language sign that she wants to get your attention.

* She flirts. She flips her hair and shows of her neck or shoulders. She puts her hair behind her ears and runs her finger in her neck while stealing glances. She may cross her leg and reveal much of her legs. These flirtatious body language moves are a sure fire signs that she wants you. And if you are in your good mind, this is the best time to do your move.

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