Fat is a harassing problem faced by most women. BodyTite™ liposuction is an excellent option for women considering body contouring. BodyTite™ is a new, sophisticated device utilized for providing painless liposuction with minimal scarring.

Fat Removal Using Radio-frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) Technology

BodyTite™ uses advanced Radio-frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology to dissolve unwanted fat deposits and tighten the skin, thus helping to enhance your overall appearance. This innovative device from Invasix™ comprises a bipolar radiofrequency hand piece and an RFAL computer device.

BodyTite™ is ideal for many treatment areas where there is excess fat including: abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, knees and neck. BodyTite™ liposuction for women is probably most applicable for those who are in good health having excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body. This can be performed under local anesthesia or light sedation rather than general anesthesia. The procedure itself takes 30 - 45 minutes to complete. It may vary slightly depending on the treatment area, complexity, size, and the amount of fat being removed.

Benefits and Advantages of BodyTite™

• Superior body contouring and firming results
• Less downtime
• Less painful recovery
• Improved safety
• Less bruising, swelling
• Minimal discomfort
• Requires only local anesthesia, therefore no side effects

Once you have made the decision to undergo BodyTite™ liposuction treatment, the most important consideration should be to find an experienced plastic surgeon. A talented surgeon can provide the finest treatment and care you deserve, thus bringing back the youthful appearance that you’re looking for.

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New York City Liposuction - BodyTite™ liposuction is the new revolutionary body contouring procedure made available at bodySCULPT™, New York City.