Bhangra has been introduced as a community dance form in the 1880s of Punjab. This dance form is characterized by shaking of heads, tapping of toes and shrugging shoulders to the beats of dhol. Though this form of dance is mainly practiced as a party dance or during weddings, it has become popular and widespread owing to the health benefits it offers. Various dance studios offer Bollywood Bhangra classes in Vasant Kunj and other parts of India. They are being taught by trained dance instructors who can offer guidance concerning right moves that will ultimately lead to the burning of calories throughout the body. Many institutes combine this dance form with cardio exercises to make it an entertaining activity without compromising the impact on health. 45 minutes duration of these workouts is known to have result equivalent to exercise on a treadmill, bike or elliptical for the same amount of time.

Health Benefits of Bhangra Dance
Bhangra dance is considered as a full-body cardio workout. The dance moves involving the upper body have similar effects on lateral muscles running down to the back as well as sides of the body. People who wish to get into shape and enjoy various health benefits can join various dance studios or fitness clubs that offer Bollywood Bhangra Classes in Vasant Kunj and many other locations in India. To get optimized health benefits from Bhangra, one should try the following methods as they target muscles in different parts of the body.

Contracting the back muscles
While carrying out various dance moves of Bhangra, it is advised to squeeze the back muscles to keep them engaged. When rapid arm movements are combined with this process, it helps in toning the muscles of the back, shoulders and the arms.

Engaging the core
Dance trainers involved in Bollywood Bhangra classes in Vasant Kunj and other cities of India suggest that while dancing, the core muscles should be engaged and at the same time attention should be given to individual muscle. This will help the body in moving from one step to other effortlessly. Besides, it will also help in improving the overall posture of the body. People practicing these dance moves regularly will also gain flat and stronger abs over time.

Make the most from every dance steps
Generally, the dance steps involved in Bhangra requires lots of jumping as well as the movement of legs. However, it is important to make focused as well as steady movements to make the most from them. Otherwise, one bears the risk of hurting themselves, if they carelessly thrash their limbs. These moves act as a great workout for the lower portion of the body from the hips to the quads to the calves and hamstrings.

The fusion of Bhangra and hip-hop
Many institutions offering best dance classes in Vasant Kunj and other parts of India often combine hip hop steps with Bhangra which means they involve a lot of rhythmic movement of arms and legs. This will improve the balance and coordination between different parts of the body.

Though once can achieve various health benefits from Bhangra dance, it is important to let go of inhibition to truly experience the joy of dancing.

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