Bollywood refers to mainstream cinema made in Mumbai, India. It is important to differentiate that not all Indian cinema is Bollywood. In this branch of the seventh art in India, approximately 800 films are produced each year, almost twice as many as are made in Hollywood. Also, four billion tickets are sold in movie theaters. Even American musicals are inspired by Bollywood.

Bollywood films are known for atmosphere, color, and emotion. They are also characterized by having ingredients such as family, a melodrama with songs, dance sequences, action scenes, love triangles, separated siblings, and angry parents. These movies are perfect to enjoy one night and get out of the commons of Hollywood with the same formula as always. We know that you may not know many Bollywood titles and that is why we selected the 8 movies you must see before you die.


This sci-fi satire is the highest-grossing movie in Bollywood history, grossing 7 billion in India and up to $ 100 million abroad. A humanoid alien is on a mission in Rajasthan, India, but his remote control is lost and he is stranded. Suddenly he finds himself in a village and asks questions that no one has ever asked. PK's curiosity will take him on a unique journey.


One of the most expensive films in India and is considered a milestone in the history of cinema in that country. According to a survey by the British Asian weekly newspaper, this is the greatest movie in Bollywood cinema. Directed by K. Asif, it is a story that reflects Prince Salim's undying love for Anarkali, a court dancer. A battle between Emperor and his son starts because of this relationship.


One of the Bollywood cult cinema films. Surely you will end up crying with 'Anand' because the protagonist acts so perfectly that you feel as if this were your story. It is about a terminally ill man and how he spends his last days.


It was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Foreign Film. 'Lagaan' is the most expensive Bollywood musical in history and the first to include English actors. It has all the elements to be perfect, it is epic, it has an enviable love story and a fun adventure. The title of the film refers to the tax that the British imposed on Indians.


This film had such an impact on society that it was made in 1975 and to this day each character is remembered. Even the villain is loved by the public in India. After his father was killed by a ruthless criminal, a former police officer enlists two men to capture him.


The title means in English, "the innocent." It is a 1983 film that will touch your heart with its story of love, secrets, and acceptance. Indu and DK are a happily married couple with two daughters until DK discovers that he has a son from a relationship he had with Bhavana during Indu's pregnancy. This third son is orphaned by a mother and DK takes him to live with his family, while Indu cannot bear it.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

So much so that classical romanticism graduated to Bollywood cinema. Raj and Simran are two travelers who met while traveling in Europe with their friends. Raj tries to win over Simran's family so he can marry, but her father already had an arranged marriage to the son of one of his friends. The film shows unique landscapes, as it was filmed in addition to India, in Switzerland and London.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

A comedy that with laughter makes a black satire of the government, corruption, bureaucracy, and the media. It is about two photographers who receive a project from the authoritative editor of the newspaper to expose the scandalous lives of the powerful and famous.

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The 8 Bollywood Movies You Must See Before You Die