Do you want to buy plastic bottles and flip tops to make sanitizer bottles?

Well! Then you are on the right track.

Bonsystems Global is a professional company that provides pump heads, flip tops, plastic bottles and closures. They have attracted several sanitization companies by providing bottle pump wholesale.

They serve varied alternatives to develop your brand. Yes, you heard it right! But now the question arises, how? In order to get the answer for this question, read ahead!

Cosmetic Bottles

They can supply huge number of bottles for cosmetic packaging like small and large-sized lotion or cleanser.

Specialized Bottles

All kinds of safety bottles, medical bottles, and large capacity bottles are available here to fulfill requirements of customers.

PET Bottles

They deliver bottles used for sanitizer and cleaning product. They have vast amounts of bottles with different sizes available.


They can deliver general caps(flip cap, disc cap), pump heads, sprays bottles, and many more products.

Bon System Global Fulfill All Your Requirements

If you are looking for OEM/ODM services and plastic bottles, you must go with Bonsystems Global for the following reasons

Stock control & Fast Delivery

They are trying to keep 1,000,000 pieces in stock to satisfy overseas clients. Bonsystems Global provides you with fast and safe delivery. If you need your order on an urgent basis, you can talk with them, and they will definitely fulfill your demands and requirements.

They are available on bottle customizing. They experienced working with mold production. With their long time experience they can help you make your own bottles.

Visit and buy plastic bottles, flip tops, or any other product you need!

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