Osteoporosis is simply bones that are hollow. The bones slowly turn hollow in time until there will be no more bone mass remaining. The undeniable truth is if you're not obtaining adequate amounts of calcium in your daily diet, after some time your body will turn to utilizing the reserved calcium that's found in your teeth and bones. What concerns so many people is that this condition can cause your bones to gradually become brittle. Yes, this is a scary thought, but rest assured there are a myriad of ways to prevent or delay the progression.

Calcium Supplements

You've probably noticed there are tons of calcium supplements available in the market today, and they are quite affordable. However, you may not be getting all you need to actually stop the progression of osteoporosis or any particular bone problem you may be suffering from. Calcium supplements are either of high quality or are poor versions of quality ingredients.

For instance, ordinary calcium supplements often carry synthetic Vitamin K1 and K3, which are low quality versions of the natural Vitamin K2 found in higher quality products like Bone-Protec. Such ingredient is more costly, however, products like Bone-Protec are based more on a commitment to scientific findings rather than cost. It contains ingredients that may not be found in other supplements.

What Is Bone-Protec?

Bone-Protec is a supplement that carries 11 unique active ingredients to support and safeguard your skeletal system for better strength, posture and mobility as well as lowered susceptibility to degenerative disease and pain. It is the completeness of the supplement in terms of extra nutrients that makes Bone-Protec a leader of its kind. To better understand why, it's not really what you take in that matters, but what your body can actually utilize.

Bone-Protec's bio-active components guarantee the proper absorption of calcium in the body. This means when you consume the calcium, it's actually able to go straight to your bones. Cheap, ordinary calcium supplements often contain ingredients that don't work together in a synergistic manner to ensure proper absorption and completeness of nutrients. Quality supplements make use of other specialty ingredients as a type of supporting carrier that helps the nutrients you need travel efficiently into the bloodstream.

The Ingredients Of Bone-Protec

One of the ingredients found in Bone-Protec is Mangosteen. This is a natural but potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytonutrient carrying Xanthones. Xanthones are naturally stable molecules with much evidence of being effective disease-fighters. It being an antioxidant, it helps combat free radical damage, which is typically responsible for all kinds of problems usually associated with age, such as poor skin condition and brittle bones.

Some of the active ingredients effective at restoring and maintaining healthy bones is Okinawan coral calcium and of course vitamin K2. Okinawan coral calcium has been cultured in an ecologically friendly way only from non-living coral reefs above sea level. As with the vitamin K2, it is a highly concentrated form of vitamin K with the main action of regulating bone calcium. It acts right within the bone and blood vessels. One of the “carriers” Piperine works hand-in-hand with the active ingredients to raise bioavailability, or the effective transportation and absorption of nutrients in the body.

You'd probably need more of an ordinary supplement to get any kind of benefit, but then again upping the dosage means you'll only be getting more useless fillers into your body and the costs may be higher in the long run. Why go through all that trouble while not getting what you truly need? Don't be fooled by products that don't care to give value for your money. Bone-Protec may be a bit higher in price, but at least you get peace of mind knowing you're getting what your body needs to maintain strong bones.

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